Quantico season 3: After the sweet surprise called 'The Heavens Fall', what will 'Bullet Train' bring next?

After 'The Blood of Romeo' backlash that ended with ABC and Priyanka Chopra apologizing on social media, 'The Heavens Fall' does come as a nice surprise in parts

                            Quantico season 3:  After the sweet surprise called 'The Heavens Fall', what will 'Bullet Train' bring next?
(L-R) Actor Jake McLaughlin, actress Priyanka Chopra, actor Graham Rogers, actress Yasmine Al Massri, and actor Tate Ellington of the television show "Quantico"

It's been a busy week for Quantico. After 'The Blood of Romeo' backlash got everyone tugging on different parts of the problem, it ended with ABC and Priyanka Chopra apologizing on social media, 'The Heavens Fall' does come as a nice surprise in parts. But just like every other episode this season, there's plenty of bad in it too. 

In a nutshell, the episode takes us back to Jocelyn Turner's Dante case - the fateful case that ended with her losing her hearing forever. The black ops team follow the trail of seven dead bodies that seem to have dropped out of the sky and end up in Dante's casino. They run a "triangle", quite unsuccessfully and Celine Fox and Alex Parrish, both end up being lifted. In the meantime, Jocelyn gets a text from her old handler Frank who asks her to meet alone. However, it turns out to be Dante and she also ends up getting kidnapped. 

There were some good things about this episode while some just exceedingly ugly.  

For starters, why doesn't Jocelyn still trust the team? This is quite odd considering how brilliantly Marlee Matlin's character has been written this season. It's like one of the few blessings that 'Quantico' can count on. She's always known to be so smart and considering her experience in the field, she should really know better. Even if the argument is that an old friend of hers was involved, she's a trained agent. Can this show stop portraying her like an emotionally unstable woman? 

Celine Fox dies. Stabbed to death by Jocelyn in one of Dante's fights. This bright, young redhead did not deserve this 'Quantico'. For the sake of adding a shock to the plot, she was killed off like an ordinary extra. Even Parrish's new hair got more attention than that this season. Seriously? She's been a barely there series regular this season and it was just last week that we saw her talk about anything personal. 

The story has a couple of loopholes. When the two ladies go up to meet Dante, separately, how did they get to the warehouse? We know that it was Leon who set them up, but even then, the casino had a lot of people. We are left very disconnected when Celine suddenly dies in the fight. How did she end up there? No explanation. 

Why did Dante conduct those fights? While the plot is super interesting, I think the closure doesn't do it justice. We see Frank's backup research that shows him as a sweet child - what was the point of saying that to us if you weren't gonna tell us how he became such a depraved criminal? 

There were a few good times too. Like for example, there was minimal flirting, thank god.

This was one of their better plots in terms of concept. They've dealt with an arms dealer, a drug kingpin, terrorists, biohazards, hackers, and spies, but a criminal like Dante was such a breath of fresh air. He was smart, incredibly powerful, twisted as hell, knew how to push people's buttons also and loved kidnapping people and making them fight each other to death with a bag over their heads. But the series was pretty average in terms of execution. 

Another really good thing was the way they made us see the world through Jocelyn's eyes. The episode makes you incredibly uncomfortable in places and it appeals to your conscience. It makes you love the character of Jocelyn even more, you get to know what a badass she truly is. 

But then again, you get pulled back as she pulls the trigger on Dante. While it's an understandable move, why doesn't anyone stop her? Contrary to her previous move, she now suddenly trusts the team to keep a finger over their lips. Also, she was caught by Dante because he used the words "clear eyes", something Frank had told her in the hospital all those years ago. How is no one suspicious of this dude? 

Their next episode looks like it won't have too many costume changes. Called 'Bullet Train', the plot synopsis goes, "The team must protect a scientist who has developed a deadly technology that, in the wrong hands, could have devastating consequences to mankind; Ryan and Shelby stumble on something of Alex's that signals a possible change in her personal life."

The promo shows a lot of action but very shallow dialogues and one too many hair flips. Parrish holds a phone, pouts and goes "boom" as a train blows up. Expect this one to be full of romance. Parrish's and McQuigg's kiss has got to mean something. Jocelyn seems to be missing from the scene though. 'Bullet Train' airs on 22 June, Friday at 8/7c on ABC.