The United States of Kanye: Here's what America could look like if Kanye West becomes President in 2024

What if Yeezus actually became President in 2024? What would America look like in such awesome times? We can only guess, but here are some possibilities...

                            The United States of Kanye: Here's what America could look like if Kanye West becomes President in 2024
Kanye West (Source: Getty Images)

For almost three years now, Kanye West has been dropping multiple hints at various times about wanting to run for president. Most recently, earlier this month, we got a reminder from Yeezy about his aspirations via a tweet (of course) that simply said '2024'. Kanye first announced his plans to run for the White House in 2020 during the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards, but some things have changed since then.

The Life of Pablo singer has been spotted off late wearing MAGA caps and has been vocally supportive of Trump, who he seems to be getting along with famously. So it looks like Yeezy's pushed his run to 2024 in order to stay clear of Trump's run for a hypothetical second run. Sure, at this point it might all seem like fun and games. But remember the 2016 elections? It was all fun and games with Trump too before he actually won and became President of the United States. 

Let us for a moment consider that #Kanye2024 indeed becomes a reality. What strange and fascinating things would ensue under the presidency of the self-proclaimed "greatest living rock star on the planet”? Let's take a look.


1. Money would look slightly different

"For me, money is not my definition of success. Inspiring people is a definition of success," the great Kanye once said. But that doesn't mean he won't put some much-needed swag into the greenbacks! North West's adorable face would probably adorn a few coins as well!


2. So would some of the national monuments...

Two heads might be better than one. But four massive monolithic Kanye heads are surely the best. Also, there may or may not be a big green joint in Lady Liberty's mouth. That torch will finally serve a purpose!

3. The national anthem would be changed to 'I Love Kanye'. For reasons!

If you haven't checked out the idiosyncratically self-obsessed track from The Life of Pablo yet, now is probably a good time to start learning the words of the National Anthem in 2024! You can start practicing by listening to it below:

4. DJ Khaled would scream out Kanye's intro at all events, conventions and forums

The intro would also be followed by the most dope beats one can ever imagine set to the tune of 'Hail to the Chief'!


5. All official speeches and press releases would end with a mic drop

And that mic would later be auctioned off with proceeds going to one of President Yeezy's many charity efforts!


6. First Lady Kimmy K! Sort of has a nice ring to it

If you thought she broke the Internet once, wait till the Internet breaks every few hours, courtesy the most eyebrow-raising live feed from Washington DC!


7. And of course...Keeping Up With the Kardashians: White House edition

The Oval Office is going to be forced into shape, nipped and tucked until its perfectly round. You know, to keep it more in tune with Kardashian aesthetics!

8. Marijuana is going to be legal. Probably mandatory too...

No more friction between conflicting marijuana laws. The herb's gonna be legal at the state level, the federal level, the spiritual level and beyond!


9. Children will have to wear Yeezys to school

Because what other pair of shoes can inspire a young mind and keep them in tune with the times at the same time?

10. And fashion theory will be a mandatory subject in school

President Yeezy is going to make America fashionable again. One child at a time!