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What is vabbing TikTok trend? Controversial viral dating trend explained

There is little that TikTok trends don't cover - from the bizarre to the fatal. Here is one such trend called ‘vabbing’ for all the single ladies
Representational image (Getty Images)
Representational image (Getty Images)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: With over one billion active users, across 154 countries, TikTok is arguably the most popular video-sharing app in the world today. Apart from giving birth to several social media personalities and crating a host of new stars across genres, TikTok has also become the go-to place for creating trends that can go viral in no time. 

Overall, TikTok trends can be categorized into a host of categories, ranging from the fun and harmless "dance challenges" to more bizarre ones. There is little that TikTok trends don't cover — from the cringe-inducing 'kiss your friend" ones to the dangerous "extreme sports" challenges and those that are outright fatal. One such trend that is bizarre but veering towards the dangerous side of TikTok is the "vabbing" trend. 


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What is the vabbing TikTok trend? 

Remember the 2006 psychological thriller 'Perfume: The Story of a Murderer'? The plot of the movie revolves around Jean-Baptiste Grenouille (played by Ben Whishaw), a perfume maker, with a superpower-like sense of smell. His 'nose' in the movie can give any sniffing dog or pig a run for their money. However, his passion for smell, and creating beautiful perfumes takes him down darker paths when he falls in love with the 'essense' of women. Soon he goes on a murdering spree, trying to extract the smell of the women he kills. 

The movie's plot may sound bizarre, but it did churn out some good numbers at the box office, and besides, movies do get to ask their audiences to suspend their beliefs. However, when we get out of the reel world and enter the real world, the idea of bodily odors being magically attractive is too hard to digest; but that is exactly what TikTok's "vabbing" trend is based on.

Essentially, some TikTokers believe that replacing perfume with one's vaginal fluids is a far more effective way of attracting a partner. The word "vabbing" comes from the portmanteau Of two words — "vagina" and "dabbing." It is just as bad as it sounds and a lot of women have actually tried this out on their dates or when they go clubbing. 

As part of the trend, TikTokers use their hands (or something similar) to touch their vaginas and then dab the fluids around their neck and ears, just like they would do a perfume. A lot of them even swear that the process has worked wonders for them, with the belief that it acts as pheromones to attract potential male partners. 


Does vabbing actually work?   

The simple answer to this question would be: "no, it does not," at least not if one were to believe the experts. As per Women's Health, "vabbing" will not aid in attracting partners but it could instead lead to medical problems. The publication quotes Dr Hana Patel, Clinical GP and Female Health Specialist, as saying, "There is the potential to get an infection. We have bacteria and fungi on our skin, and if we upset the vagina’s natural balance, it can cause a localized infection. If you do try vabbing, avoid any broken skin, the areas around your eyes, and anywhere near your mouth." All we can say is that we are giving this trend a hard pass.