News anchor Rachel Maddow signs multi-million dollar deal with MSNBC

Her five-day-a-week show, The Rachel Maddow Show, will transition into just one day a week sometime next year

                            News anchor Rachel Maddow signs multi-million dollar deal with MSNBC
Rachel Maddow Visits The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon at Rockefeller Center on March 15, 2017, in New York City (Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images for NBC)

 American television news program host Rachel Maddow, the host of ‘The Rachel Maddow Show’ on MSNBC, who was reportedly considering leaving the network earlier this month, will now stay. But she has altered her contract. An August 12 Daily Beast report cited six insiders familiar with the situation to say that Maddow was “seriously considering leaving the network when her contract ends early next year as negotiations drag on”.

The insiders said while the star host has occasionally entertained other offers in the past, Maddow "has in recent months increasingly expressed openness to exiting when her deal ends, citing a desire to spend more time with her family and the toll of hosting a nightly program since 2008.”


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According to a report in Variety, two people familiar with the matter said that Maddow has decided to stay after negotiating a new pact that will keep her at the cable-news outlet beyond 2022. Under terms of the new pact, described as “multi-year,” Maddow will develop other projects in a new partnership with NBCUniversal. While ‘The Rachel Maddow Show’, which has aired at 9 pm since launching in 2008, and earned nearly $66.2 million in advertising in pandemic-ridden 2020, as per the Daily Mail, her five-day-a-week show will transition into just one day a week sometime next year.

As per Variety, Maddow is known to invest significant time in reporting and researching the topics she discusses each weekday evening. She is known to hold rigorous meetings with her producers. And that may be taking a toll. Maddow has occasionally talked about professional burnout.

During a 2019 interview with The New York Times, Maddow said she realized that between writing a book and hosting her show, she barely has any time to herself. “I’m realizing now -- ten, 11 years into this -- that it’s fine to work long days,” she told the Times. “But it’s not good for you to work incessant long days, five days a week, 50 weeks a year for ten years.”


What is Rachel Maddow’s net worth?

As per a TV Guide survey, in 2013, Maddow was making $7 million a year. It is only likely that her salary has appreciated since then. While the financial details of Maddow’s new contract are not available online, one can only assume that they would be a lot in excess of her 2013 salary.

As per Celebrity Net Worth, the liberal political commentator has a net worth of $25 million. Maddow has published two books. ‘Drift: The Unmooring of American Military Power’ was published in 2012. In 2019, she released ‘Blowout: Corrupted Democracy, Rogue State Russia, and the Richest, Most Destructive Industry on Earth’.

As per Yahoo! Finance, Maddow has several real estate holdings, which include a pre-Civil War farmhouse in Western Massachusetts. In 2010, she bought an apartment in New York City from Michael Stipe, lead singer of REM, for $1.25 million. The property changed hands again in February 2021, selling for $2.25 million.

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