What is Mackenzie McKee's net worth? How 'Teen Mom OG' star became a fitness coach even with type 1 diabetes

From a complicated pregnancy to being a successful TV personality, here's all you need to know about Mackenzie Mckee

                            What is Mackenzie McKee's net worth? How 'Teen Mom OG' star became a fitness coach even with type 1 diabetes
Mackenzie McKee (@mackenziemckee/Instagram)

When Mackenzie McKee first graced our screen on Season 4 of '16 and Pregnant', it was hard not to fall in love with the southern belle with a spunky attitude. The then-cheerleader was a vibrant young teenager full of life. She was dating her boyfriend Josh Douthit and the two seemed to make a good pair. Getting knocked up at 16 didn't deter either of them, seeing that they stuck together through thick and thin, including her extremely complicated pregnancy. 

Fast-forward to now and Mackenzie McKee is now a 26-year-old TV personality, having made her comeback to reality TV, joining the cast of MTV's 'Teen Mom OG'. McKee is now a mother of 3 kids, having been married to Josh Douthit for 8 years now. From fitness coach to mom, here's what we know about Mackenzie McKee.

She was born in Oklahoma

Mackenzie McKee was born in Miami, Oklahoma, on October 17, 1994. McKee was a cheerleader and dating her then-boyfriend and later husband, Josh McKee. She was pregnant with her first son Gannon McKee at the age of 16 when she was first featured on the show. The couple focused on living normal lives, despite the pregnancy, seeing that Josh wanted to be a professional tumbler and Mckee wanted to be a professional rodeo rider.

The two were relatively lax during the first few months of the pregnancy, living their lives out as teenagers. However, McKee having type 1 diabetes complicated her pregnancy significantly. She went on to give birth via a c-section.

She has a complicated health history

McKee has type 1 diabetes, which led to quite a few complications during the time of her pregnancy, which was a major cause for concern for the young couple. People with type 1 diabetes often have children with a higher birth weight, which can complicate the delivery. McKee faced this exact problem while having her son Gannon, seeing that she was required to have a c-section as opposed to natural birth.

She's had to be very careful during all her pregnancy, especially with regard to her diet and health. In an interview with Starcasm, she spoke in detail about her complications. 

"Although pregnant people like to eat a lot, I had to eat everything just right. If I had a low blood sugar it was suffocating the baby, and when I had a high blood sugar, it was giving the baby extra sugar, which made him gain weight. It was very hard with all the hormones to keep my blood sugars normal. I did everything right and STILL had mess ups. So, yes, I had LOTS of complications. It was very hard. I honestly didn’t think I would make it." Is what she had to say. 

She is a fitness coach

McKee began her reality TV career back in 2012. Post that, she's been a part of several 'Teen Mom' spin-offs. Apart from this, she has also been quite big on fitness, seeing that her health demands it. She later went on to launch her own fitness program called ' Body By Mac' where she plans group workout sessions, offers personal training, meal plans and more.

According to MarriedBiography, her net worth is roughly $1.3 million, with her annual income being $45k a year. With 1 million followers on Instagram (@mackenziemckee), McKee could possibly be drawing in additional income through advertising and more.

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