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What is Isabel Roloff's net worth? 'Little People, Big World' star asks fans to Venmo her coffee money

Fans are irate that the 'Little People, Big World' star begs for money, saying, 'its just trashy and screams broke'
Isabel Roloff of TLC's 'Little People, Big World' recently landed in the middle of a major controversy when she asked her fans for money (@isabelsofiarock/Instagram)
Isabel Roloff of TLC's 'Little People, Big World' recently landed in the middle of a major controversy when she asked her fans for money (@isabelsofiarock/Instagram)

Isabel Roloff of TLC's 'Little People, Big World' fame recently ended up in the middle of major controversy as she asked fans for money. The wife of Jacob Roloff recently took to Instagram to ask her followers to Venmo her cash to get her "plenty of espresso." Isabel gained fame after she was introduced as Jacob's girlfriend. Jacob stars in 'Little People, Big World,' a show about the Roloff family which follows a family of six, out of which three members have dwarfism.

Isabel Sofia Roloff, nee Rock, was Jacob Roloff's girlfriend. She is also a painter and social media celebrity. She and 'Little People, Big World' star Jacob were engaged and were later married in 2019. They share a son Mateo Tomás who was born around a year ago. She gained fame after being introduced as Jacob's girlfriend but recently announced that the family of three will be moving away, meaning Jacob won't be on the show anymore. She also revealed that her son Mateo has dwarfism during an Instagram Q&A.


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What is Isabel's networth?

Isabel is a painter by profession and has displayed her paintings in many exhibitions. Her net worth is said to be $80,000 US dollars as of 2018. Her husband Jacob's net worth is around $700,000. But according to him, he doesn't have all that money.


What is the controversy surrounding Isabel?

Recently Isabel posted a story on her Instagram account (@isabelsofiarock)asking fans for money. She asked her followers to send her cash through Venmo, the cash transferring app, so she could buy 'plenty of espresso'. Fans were enraged that Isabel would throw her Venmo on her social media for money, claiming it to be embarrassing.

Calling it a shameless ploy, a fan took to the online platform Reddit to slam the social media star. "This is the equivalent of standing outside the coffee shop begging for money. Does this even work for them?" commented one. While another replied to the thread with, "So this is our dear A-list celebrity? I understand asking for money on social media in some cases, if you are for example about to lose your rental apartment, or have nothing to eat. And especially in the USA, where social security is so weak, but these two are not on that level." Many called out her status as an A-list celeb and were quick to point out how asking for cash from followers is embarrassing. Another left a comment, "that's so cringe. anyone asking for money on the internet is an immediate no." while one pointed out her 'martyr mom complex' with, "She has martyr mom complex big time and seems to want a medal for having a baby and dealing with the fact that infants need a lot of care. Also, her husband has a job, so now she's extra burdened and her 130k+ followers should buy her "coffee." Then she claimed it was a joke. Pretty transparent you wanted deposits when your "joke" happens to include your Venmo account name."

Along with these, many other replies to the Reddit thread called out Isabel for her insensitivity. Read the comments in the thread here.