David Perdue net worth: #PerdueInHiding trends after Georgia senator accused of boosting wealth during pandemic

Georgia's senator David Perdue has been accused of hiding in his 'mega-mansion' and making money during the pandemic, leading to many on Twitter trolling him

                            David Perdue net worth: #PerdueInHiding trends after Georgia senator accused of boosting wealth during pandemic
David Perdue (Getty Images)

With Georgia Senate runoff races just weeks away, Senator David Perdue was accused of hiding in his 'mega-mansion' on Monday. The Republican senator is Georgia's GOP incumbent and the election on January 5 will determine control of the chamber. However, Perdue has been accused of profiting "off of his Senate seat by trading stocks on inside info," skipping the debate, and not attending the town hall meetings among others. The Twitter trend gained momentum after the Twitter handle @MeidasTouch posted a video. 

The title of the video is "Perdue In Hiding | A FAB PAC and MeidasTouch Collaboration" and the description reads, "We must defeat David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler and win the Senate. Chip in at the link in the video to support FAB PAC's efforts to uncover the truth and MeidasTouch’s GOTV programs in Georgia!" In the video, we are introduced to Perdue's mansion "hidden in Georgia. Hidden in a gated community within a gated community."


The video quotes Politifact to ascertain that Perdue has not held a single Townhall as Senator. He also declined to participate in the debate, however, according to a report in Fortune the senator got rich and this was termed a "suspicious stock success". The report also states that he is allegedly the most prolific stock trader in Congress. The video also uses news clips that have reported on various other congress members also being accused of insider stock trading using information from confidential senate briefings about COVID-19. 

All of this in combination with Perdue opposing direct Covid-19 relief for Georgians has resulted in the backlash on Twitter and hashtag #Perdueinhiding trending. 

One Twitter user wrote, "THIS is where David Perdue hides while telling you that you don’t deserve a penny of COVID survival money??! Disgusting!! Proud to expose this corruption alongside @fair_pac. #PerdueInHiding." Another user called for Perdue being removed and wrote, "Tired of being bled dry by billionaire corporate interests? #PerdueInHiding must be defeated. He’s essential to McConnell’s power Remove him. Remove the turtle. Share the latest from @MeidasTouch." Another user wrote, "Another rich white guy hiding in his giant mansion telling Georgians how to vote. Classy. #PerdueInHiding New from @MeidasTouch."




So what is Perdue's net worth? According to a 2019 report in USA Today, the Georgian Senator's estimated net worth was $15.8 million. It must be noted that Senator Kelly Loeffler was also investigated for potential insider trading, however, the Senate Ethics Committee dropped the investigation against both of them. In a similar case in March 2020, Senator Richard Burr, among others, was accused of using privileged information from confidential hearings and meetings in Congress when they sold stocks worth millions before the market crash. While investigations against most of them have been dropped, the one against Burr is still ongoing. 

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