Stephenie Meyer wanted Henry Cavill to star in 'Twilight', NOT Robert Pattinson: 'Henry doesn't need s**t on resume'

Twitter is abuzz with chatter whether Henry Cavill's career would have been ruined had he played the sparkling vampire Edward Cullen in the 'Twilight' movie series

                            Stephenie Meyer wanted Henry Cavill to star in 'Twilight', NOT Robert Pattinson: 'Henry doesn't need s**t on resume'
Robert Pattinson and Henry Cavill (Getty Images)

In news that may just blow your mind, we just got to know that 'Twilight' series author Stephenie Meyer initially wanted DC hero Henry Cavill to play the role of the sparkly vampire Edward Cullen. (We, meaning us non-committed Twilight stans)  She had him in mind, but the studio never approached him and the role went to Robert Pattinson instead and the rest is history. Fans are busy debating on the Internet whether that would have ruined Cavill's career, but honestly...Pattinson is now Batman and Cavill is Superman, so everybody wins, right?

For those unaware of the joy that was the 'Twilight' saga: It's one of those franchises that people love to hate on, but still watch it to trash it. It brought Kristen Stewart into the limelight along with Robert Pattinson as Bella Swan and Edward Cullen, respectively. Bella was your average-gawky nervous high-schooler, who all guys fall for, but she falls in love with the gorgeous 110-year-old vampire, Edward. After his valiant efforts of trying to push her away from him, he finally accepts that he is madly in love with her, but their future is far from rosy. In the beginning, he is constantly on edge as he fears that he has pushing her into danger, which causes him to leave her for a while in the second book 'New Moon'. Then Bella finds solace with Jacob (played by Taylor Lautner in the films). Obviously, he falls in love with her, and she loves him too, but not as much as she loves Edward. So it becomes a gigantic messy love triangle, while they fight off other thirsty creatures. Bella marries Edward and has a child with him and Jacob imprints on her. The books and films have been trolled enough and people still can't stop mocking it and the phrase 'Still a better love story than Twilight' has become an accepted expression, in today's day and age.

While it now seems unimaginable that Cavill could ever play the role of the brooding vampire, we really don't know how that would have panned out. He could still have become Superman--- a role that was greatly appreciated in a series of films that received much hate and flak. You wanted Superman, but got Batman instead (Sorry, the jokes keep coming). The question is, would Cavill have been a better Edward Cullen? It's hard to answer that question because the role of Edward just demanded one to be rather deadpan and blank-faced, with occasional moments of nose-twitches when a human gets near. You never know. 

Cavill is doing pretty well for himself right now, just like Pattinson is, it's only Stewart who is trying to find a strong footing at the moment in the mess that is Hollywood.  

Fans are sniggering right now and the snarky tweets are a joy to read. "Imagine living in an alternate reality where one of the major complaints about Henry Cavill as Superman is, “the dude from Twilight?," one fan tweeted.  "How is this news every semi-committed twilight stan here knows this. ALSO the movie would've been a lot funnier is very grown up henry cavill was playing ethernal 17 year old," another noted. "Good. The Twilight movies were basically a talented cast trapped in hell together. Cavill doesn’t need that kind of shit on his resume," one wrote. Others say that they still find it hard to dissociate Pattinson from Cullen. "I love Cavill, but I don't think I'd watch that cheesy, horrendous movie even for him. As it is , it's hard to disassociate Pattinson from whatshisname vamp," one tweeted. 









Well, you never know. 

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