Netflix's 'Insatiable' is not as tasteless as people are making it out to be, it's a lot worse!

We did what we were told. Waited till the full release of 'Insatiable' and we are more convinced the trailer was only the surface of how problematic the show really is

                            Netflix's 'Insatiable' is not as tasteless as people are making it out to be, it's a lot worse!

Before taking a plunge it's wise to estimate the depth, so when the trailer for Netflix's new original 'Insatiable' premiered in July, it was met with immediate backlash but there was a chance that it was misunderstood and misjudged. Thousands signed petitions to cancel the show even before it released on August 10, but there were a few don't-judge-a-show-by-its-trailer adherents who wanted to give the show a shot, especially after its creator Lauren Gussiss explained that the audience will understand the true depth of what on the surface appeared to be a "fat shaming" series, only after it was fully watched and understood.

Now that the show is live and streaming and trending, it's safe to say that 'Insatiable' exceeded people's expectation of how horrible a show can get -- it didn't limit itself to fat shaming as was rightly surmised by many from its trailer, but also indulges in slut-shaming, merged with homophobia and pedophilia.

The trailer was slammed and heavily criticized over the sheer premise of the plot, which showed a bullied teenager named Fatty Patty (Debby Ryan), seeking revenge after losing weight following an incident that forces her to have her mouth wired shut and strictly be on liquid diet for three months.

On August 10, all the 12 episodes were available for streaming but one episode was enough to convince that the show was not just about fat-shaming - it is everything we are not okay with.

Forget the trailer, the complete plot of the story goes like this: 17-year-old Patty nick-named Fatty Patty by her classmates spends all of her time eating and binge-watching Drew Barrymore movies because that's what fat people do to compensate for their loneliness (according to Insatiable). After getting rejected by her crush (because fat people get rejected, according to Insatiable), Patty drowns her sorrows by munching on a chocolate bar outside a grocery store (because that's how fat people cope with sadness, according to Insatiable). It is then she gets punched in the face by a homeless guy and her life changes because her jaw gets wired (because fat people can only depened on a miracle like that for their lives to change, according to Insatiable).

Fast forward to three months, after being on a liquid diet, she turns skinny and skinny is magic (P.S - that's also the name of the second episode which furthers teh stereotype), she becomes a desirable girl at high school, and her instinct is to seek revenge by entering a beauty pageant, for which she is trained by by Bob Armstrong, a disgraced lawyer and pageant coach.

First episode in, and it's evident that the trailer was the least of the show's problems. As we enter into a world of pageantry, we meet a woman -- named Regina, my name that made me even more annoyed when they rhymed it in the show with "vagina"-- upset that her daughter did not win the beauty contest falsely accuse Bob of molesting her daughter.

Amid the #MeToo and Times Up movement and celebrities getting away with molestation cases, this plot itself is so controversial that fat-shaming can take a backseat. This false accusation is joked upon and we don't exactly laugh. Why? because jokes on rape, pedophilia, and molestation are never funny. Yet, we hear the writers of 'Insatiable' desperately trying milk it for all its humorous worth.  “I’m a champion of women, especially young women, I wanna touch as many of them as I possibly can,” Bob justifies.

He may not have touched the "hoo hoo" but he is using Patty's new body to win his entry back into the world of beauty pageants. Bob also ends up making problematic decisions when it comes to teenage girls, and as his wife Coralee points out, he really can't stay away from them. The protagonist Patty is even more twisted. As soon as she is made aware of her "skinny magic," she plots to get revenge on the homeless man who broke her jaw by sleeping with, then rejecting him. And as she gets obsessed with Bob, she decides to lose her virginity to Bob, who is by the way, her high school crush's dad.

I have watched only 2 episodes so far, and it was not easy. I will, however, complete the show for professional reasons, and so that you don't have to, and give an even more in-depth analysis. But I am a also shit scared about what more the show has in store for us. As every woman, who gets conscious of her body from time to time, this show offends all those who have come to love their body. A major glamorization of skinny body and stereotyping fat people as losers are not how I want to perceive people. Though the idea of the show was a satire, it miserably failed. It does not tackle the social stigma of fat people and added to that, the showmakers think that obesity is only because of eating chocolate bars.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over 71 percent of Americans over the age of 20 are obese.Chocolate bars are to be blamed and liquid diet is the key to lose weight, according to Insatiable.

What I also understood was that the showmakers desperately wanted to match the outrageous and sensible genius of Ryan Murphy, but failed miserable, producing a very ill-crafted show, that is notv funny at all.

On closer scrutiny of the show, the stereotypes aren't confined to lousy overweight women but also skinny bitches and khaki donning lesbians. 

In times when hate is all around us, self-loathing is the last thing we need. Granted that this dark fantasy and non-hilarious comedy was born out of the creators own experience, but the dictum that all overweight girls should loathe themselves until they become skinny, and then revenging themselves on all those who were unkind to them is escalating hate to a whole new level.

Not to forget the cringe-worthy pedophilic and homophobic and racist comments. This horrible storytelling experience is literally a guilty watch, not sure about "pleasure" but do yourself a favor, forget watching this and love yourself no matter how you look today. 



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