What day and time will 'Farmer Wants a Wife' release on FOX? And everything you need to know

What day and time will 'Farmer Wants a Wife' release on FOX? And everything you need to know
'Farmer Wants a Wife' stars Allan Foster, Ryan Black, and Hunter Grayson (@allwfost/instagram, @rblack24/instagram, @huntergraysonmusic/Instagram)

WASHINGTON, DC: Fans are eager to learn all the details about the revived reality series 'Farmer Wants A Wife', which will broadcast on FOX after being previously aired on The CW in the United States in 2008. The original 'Farmer Wants a Wife', which had its world premiere in the UK in 2001, has now aired in 35 nations, resulting in 180 marriages and more than 400 children. 

This season of the reality dating series follows four farmers who've already finished sowing their wild oats and are prepared to settle down with a woman. It will also feature a group of women who are ready to leave the city and travel to the countryside to meet the guys, discover farm life, and perhaps find love. Beloved country singer Jennifer Nettles will host the reality dating series. If you are curious to know more about this season continue reading:


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When will 'Farmer Wants a Wife' release?

The show is set to premiere on Wednesday, March 8 on FOX. It will premiere at 9 pm ET/PT with the first episode of the series that could develop a cult following among NFL fans due to its release time. 


How can you watch 'Farmer Wants a Wife'?

You can watch the revived series on FOX, or starting on March 9, Hulu will stream fresh episodes of 'Farmer Wants a Wife' every Thursday.


Who is staring in 'Farmer wants a wife'?

The series will feature four farmers looking for love on the upcoming unscripted dating show and they are Ryan Black, Allen Foster, Hunter Grayson, and Landon Heaton. Each of the men will have a group of ladies they will bring with them to find their potential match. And the iconic show will be hosted by country music sensation Jennifer Nettles. 


Host of 'Farmer Wants a wife'

Jennifer Nettles

The star of country music and actress Jennifer Nettles will host Farmer Wants A Wife. Jennifer is the lead vocalist for the country band Sugarland and has a highly successful solo career. In 'Dolly Parton's Coat of Many Colors', she made her acting debut playing Dolly's mother. Jennifer has performed on Broadway as a lead in the plays Chicago and Waitress. She has also served as a judge for TBS' 'Go-Big Show'.



Who are the four farmers featured in 'Farmer Wants a Wife'?

Hunter Grayson

Hunter is a cattle and horse rancher from  Watkinsville, GA. He finished his education at Northeastern Oklahoma and Athens Technical College. Hunter is part of a band called 'Hunter Grayson & The Hat Creek Band'. His interests include team roping and he is an aspiring musician.



Ryan Black

Ryan is 32 years old horse trainer and breeder who hails from Shelby, North Carolina. He also enjoys designing and building houses.


Allen Foster

Alan resides in Santa Fe, Tennessee, and has a 200-acre ranch where he raises cattle. The 32-year-old is a University of Tennessee alum.



Landon Heaton

Landon works at a 300-acre cattle ranch in his hometown Stillwater, Oklahoma. His pursuits include teaching retrievers and bow hunting.

Who are the women looking for love in 'Farmer Wants a Wife'?

Who are the unattached ladies vying to become farmer wives, then? They are between the ages of 22 and 39, hail from Chicago, Miami, and New York, and hold a variety of vocations, from sommelier to cyber security expert.

Ryan's lead ladies


Brittany is a 33-year-old woman from  Sacramento, CA. She works as a travel blogger and leads an exciting life visiting various places.

Haley R

Haley is a 28-year-old who works as a recruiter and currently resides in New York. 


Lily is another lady who will feature in the series and is from Miami, Floria. She is a 24-year-old Psychology student.


 McKenzie is a 29-year-old Phoenix resident who works as an interior designer. She has an eye for color and the latest trends. 


Porschia is an Accounting Assistant. She is 29 years old and currently resides in Las Colinas. 

Sara V

Sara is a 27-year-old bartender with a talent for mixing drinks. She is a resident of  Dallas.

Sarah I

Sarah is a Brooklyn resident and is 27 years old. She handles communications for Global children's charity. 


Shartaysia is a 29-years old mental health therapist from Los Angles. 

Landon's lead ladies

Ashley L

Ashley is 27 years old and currently resides in Dallas. She works as an  Executive Coordinator.

Ashley R

Ashley is an AMSA at a veterans hospital in Orlando and is 32 years old. 


Erica is currently living in Manhattan and works as a general manager at a restaurant. She's 27 years old.


Heather is a 39-year-old Real estate investor currently residing in Dallas.


Jessica is a waitress in Boston and makes a living serving tables. She is 26 years old.


Kylie is Veteran affairs advocate. She is a 25-year-old from Orlando.


Nicole is a 29-year-old, Supervisor of radiation oncology. She currently resides in Allentown.


Zoe is a 25-year-old photographer who sees the beauty in everything. She is currently living in Nashville. 

Allen's lead ladies


Ariana is a 31-year-old Sales manager living in Weehawken. 

Cassidy Jo

Cassidy is a 28-year-old from Scottsdale. She works as a medical saleswoman.


Jordan is a Yoga teacher residing in Kennesaw. She is a 28-year-old fitness enthusiast. 


Julia is a 24-year-old, Cyber security analyst from San Antonio.


Kelsi is a School teacher residing in Cataula. She is 29 years old. 


Kiersten is a blooger drom Nashville. She is 30 years old.


Rebecca is a Horse trainer from  Moorpark. Currently, she is 31 years old.


Sloan is a  34-year-old, Spirituality coach residing in Miami.

Hunter's lead ladies


DeVonne is a 25 -year- old residing in Scottsdale. She works as a director of marketing. 


Emma is a Dance coach living in  Pacific Palisades. She is currently 24.


Hayley is a 31-year-old HR manager from Chicago.


Meghan is from Mainland. She is a 23-year-old Event coordinator.

Sarah R

Sarah is a content creator from Kansas and is 34 years old.


Stephanie is a 29-year-old, Sommelier from Temecula. 


Sydney is a 22-year-old Music booking agent currently residing in  Nashville.


Talia is a 32-year-old from Atlanta. She works as a Therapist.



What is the plot of 'Farmer Wants a Wife'?

The 'American Idol' producer Fremantle created the British concept, and a US adaptation first aired on The CW in 2008. Jennifer Nettles will host the new series. The story revolves around a group of farmers who must choose one of several city women to be their spouses.

In  'Farmer Wants a Wife', a group of single women who are having trouble finding love in the large city is introduced to four handsome guys who work on ranches. While attempting to establish a romantic relationship with one of the handsome homestead owners, they will experience what it's like to live and work on a genuine farm.


What is the buzz around 'Farmer Wants a Wife'?

The news the series is revived after first airing back in 2008, has fans anticipating its return. Dating shows are a popular format among audiences and 'Farmer Wants a Wife' is another variation of the reality dating show format. 'Farmer Wants A Wife' has been immensely successful around the world. Viewers love the concept of farmers who have not had a lot of contact with the opposite gender finding love with city girls who have no experience in ranching. 

'Farmer Wants a Wife' premieres Wednesday, March 8 at 9 pm ET on Fox





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 What day and time will 'Farmer Wants a Wife' release on FOX? And everything you need to know