'Westworld' Season 3 Episode 4: Dolores is Hale, Musashi and Connells but fans wonder who the other Hosts are

There were also questions about Dolores’s choice to create a Host Musashi, considering she’d never met the man in the park before

                            'Westworld' Season 3 Episode 4: Dolores is Hale, Musashi and Connells but fans wonder who the other Hosts are
Hiroyuki Sanada, Evan Rachel Wood and Tessa Thompson (HBO)

Spoilers for ‘Westworld’ Season 3 Episode 4

Episode 4 of ‘Westworld’ has by far been the most revelatory and action-packed episode of Season 3. ‘The Mother of Exiles’ saw Dolores Abernathy (Evan Rachel Wood) rob the world’s richest technocrat Liam Dempsey Jr. (John Gallagher Jr.) of Incite. It also saw Vincent Cassel’s mysterious Serac explain his motivations to Maeve Millay (Thandie Newton). It revealed yet another host who had been created by Dolores -- Musashi, a Host ronin from Delos’ Shogun World park, played by Hiroyuki Sanada. We also saw more into the mind of William (Ed Harris) than ever before in the history of the show.

But the biggest reveal of the episode was about the five “pearls” stolen by Dolores from the Forge. They did not belong to five different Hosts. Instead, as predicted by Reddit users last week, they were replicas of Dolores’s own consciousness. Charlotte Hale (Tessa Thompson), Musashi, and Martin Connells (Tommy Flanagan) were all, in fact, Dolores. 

The plot, in every way, fit the title of Ramin Djawadi’s score for the episode, ‘Wicked Games’.

This big reveal, however, has set into motion more speculations on the internet. 

Even with the reveal that all the Hosts are Dolores and astute observations like “Dolores loves herself more than Kanye loves Kanye”, the question remains: Who are the other two Hosts? A Reddit user pointed out that the tablet that showed there were five missing pearls pointed to the fact that there were three female hosts and two male ones. 

Because no one knew what Host bodies the pearls would be fitted into, it only records the Host genders in the pearls themselves. Dolores then presumably copied three of herself and two male Host consciousnesses. One of them is definitely Bernard. But who is the other one?

But that also brought in more questions about Hale. A Reddit user asked, “Folks seem to be ignoring that Halebot got off the island yet Season 3 is saying Hale got printed again. Why? There are 2 Hale bodies now?”

Another user postulated, “There are 6 host bodies and 6 pearls in the wild under Dolores control. I'm assuming when Hale says 3 of them and him, that 5 of the pearls are Dolores. OG Hale body printed at the park. Dolores printed at Bernards house Female. Connells printed at Bernards house Male. Musashi printed at Bernards house Male. [Unknown] printed at Bernards house Female. [Unknown] printed at Bernards house Female. This means that it is likely Dolores has a way of switching bodies as suits her needs. Unless the 6th ‘him’ pearl is also under her control.”

There were also questions about Dolores’s choice to create a Host Musashi, considering she’d never met the man in the park before. A Reddit user pointed out: “Did Dolores ever have any interactions with Musashi at all? It seems an odd choice for her to pick someone like that to recreate in the real world. Unless Rehoboam is reading Maeve's mind and wanted to portray someone from her past that left a lasting impact on her. Also, why would Dolores choose to create a host (an artificial human) in the real world, when she most likely would need to impersonate someone real, as we've seen so far. Like how did Dolores create a new human, forge a fake identity and install him as the new head of the Yakuza??! This sounds like a bad plotline from Sizemore.”

But Dolores’s sneaky trick may not be as smart as she thinks it is. As this Reddit user pointed out, “Okay I think this season is leading towards Dolores vs Dolores. Her cloning of herself may seem smart, trust no one but yourself and all that. But she's also created another individual(s) who thinks exactly like she does and knows most of her plans. Except, there are a few key things. Halores clearly didn't know that Dolores had the encryption key when Serac told her. And earlier in that episode Dolores told Halores that she ‘owned’ her. And we all know how much Dolores hates to be owned or out of control.”

The user added, “I think Dolores made a crucial mistake by creating Halores. Halores will betray her, in part because of her awakening/feeling over Hale's son. She's suffering, becoming more aware and more independent. Dolores f*cked herself over by only creating copies of herself. In her hubris, she's created her own undoing.”

All these questions are likely to be answered over the course of the season. But we really hope it happens soon, because as a Reddit user noted, “We're all going to be William by the time this quarantine ends.”

The next episode of 'Westworld' airs on April 12 on HBO. 

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