'Westworld' Season 3: Despite a promising start, latest episode leaves fans frustrated and confused as ever

'Westworld' Season 3: Despite a promising start, latest episode leaves fans frustrated and confused as ever
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Spoilers for 'Westworld' Season 3 Episode 3 'Absence of Field'

"Y’know when people were saying #westworld was much more linear now? This third episode confused me a lot," writes a fan on Twitter, and they're not alone in their frustrations. Where the season premiere promised a much more straightforward season of the show, the third episode, 'Absence of Field,' saw the show returning to its old tricks. 'Westworld' has always been full of confusing mysteries mixed in with complicated philosophy about free will and the nature of reality while rarely providing any concrete answers to the various questions it poses, thus leaving fans frustrated.

"At this point we just tune into #WestWorld to piss ourselves off. This show makes no sense," writes one annoyed viewer. "I watch Westworld so I can feel dumb and frustrated once a week," agrees another. "Holy confusing Batman. I'm going to need an abacus, astrolabe and a brass sextant to figure out episode 3 of #WestWorld," writes this fan. "WHAT IS WESTWORLD SEASON 3 EVEN DOING. THROW US A BONE HERE," says this tweet, crying out for the show to at least give some sort of clue as to what's really going on.

Some fans have other theories as to why this season isn't as satisfying as they would like. "Westworld is getting okay again but I miss the artificial intelligence plot. Now it’s all about a literally gigantic ball of facebook on steroids trying to feed on human algorithms," writes this user. Season 3 has indeed left behind its questions of what it takes for artificial intelligence to attain actual intelligence and be counted as sentient life, and has since moved on to larger questions of free will amidst the system, and whether or not we're all living inside a simulation. And so far, it doesn't appear to have hit home with all of the show's fans. 

"I’m sorry but this new season of Westworld sucks!" writes this user, saying, "Idk if it’s just tonight’s episode or what. But I can’t even pay attention to any of it. It’s just not grabbing my attention like the series normally does."

Despite the show starting off almost entirely fresh, it appears that 'Westworld' is just as confusing as ever, and though the fans keep coming back to it, they're as confused and confounded as ever.

The next episode of 'Westworld' airs April 5, on HBO.

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