Wendy Williams tells pregnant Cardi B should tie the knot or Offset will move on with his life

Wendy Williams tells pregnant Cardi B should tie the knot or Offset will move on with his life
Wendy Williams (Source:Getty Images)

While fans are ecstatic about Cardi B's baby news, TV host Wendy Wiliams, as usual, has a take of her own. The 25-year-old rapper recently revealed that she's going to be a mum soon on 'Saturday Night Live' as she stepped on the set all smiles, oozing the pregnancy glow in a beautiful figure-hugging white gown. 

Cardi B Performs 'Be Careful' in Studio 8H on Saturday, April 7, 2018 (Source:Getty Images)


She said that she finally felt like she was "free" after admitting to the world that she's going to be a mother soon. 53-year-old Wendy, however, felt that Offset, Cardi B's baby daddy should put a ring on it. Why? Because apparently both, being a mother and being married, go "hand in hand". She reportedly said on her show, "Now I don’t know if you know this but Cardi’s engagement ring wasn’t on while she was performing [on SNL], which you would think that a baby and an engagement ring would go hand in hand especially at a time like this, you’re about to do the big reveal!"


Cardi B is expecting her first baby with fiance Offset (Source:Getty Images)


She also went on to take the role of a fortune teller, hinting that their relationship wouldn't last long because her baby reveal didn't feature a ring. "If she’s happy, fine… No, I don't think she and Offset will get married, I think it’s what hip-hop/rock and roll people do these days, they just have babies and move along with their lives."

It is Cardi's first baby while it will be Offset's "fourth baby with four [different] moms," she noted, adding, "There might be an alleged 5th on the way, as we speak."

The couple, however, has been unfazed by the opposition. Last year, Instagram model Celina Powell reportedly claimed that she was pregnant with Offset's child, insisting that he take a DNA test to prove it.


Cardi spoke up about their relationship saying that he was unfaithful in the past but she had made the choice to stand by him. She did not, however, mention who it was was with or when it had happened. She also went on to admit that she's made mistakes of her own. 

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