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'Welcome to Plathville': Moriah and Max split over lack of communication, fans blame her parents for it

'These kids need therapy,' a fan said watching the split take place on national TV
Max and Moriah (TLC)
Max and Moriah (TLC)

The Plaths live a different life — aloof and secluded from the big cities. Growing up in a 55-acre farm may have been fun when Kim and Barry's nine kids were little, but the same cannot said now because they are beginning to grow out of the ideals and beliefs they have been instilled with since they were born. Also, not having any interaction with the bigger world has left some of the kids with not-so-impressive communication skills.

A shining example is Moriah Plath, who had to split with boyfriend Max Kallschmidt following incidents, which proved that she was not able to put her thoughts into words or even express herself fully. 

Max was disappointed that they had found love but maybe they need to take some time off and be friends to figure out their future together. Although Moriah agreed with Max and appreciated his opinion on their strained relationship, she seemed upset in her confessional. It appeared as though the daughter was questioning Kim and Barry's way of life and how it has impacted.  

Although, she lives in a different house, away from her parents, it will be years before their teachings can wear off and she can finally rebuild herself. From the looks of it, Max seems more than invested in supporting her in this journey given they remain friends and she teaches her how to dance. 

Meanwhile, fans seem to be blaming Kim and Barry for Max and Moriah's split. Some have even demanded that Moriah be sent for therapy for her to be able to communicate better. "Moriah isn't ready for a real relationship that requires open communication. She needs to work on herself and her self-esteem issues first. And she needs therapy. Poor girl. #welcometoplathville," a user commented, while another tweeted: "PLEASE somebody get Moriah into therapy. #WelcometoPlathville."



"These kids need therapy. Ethan. Micah. Moriah. Lydia. Hell, maybe even Hosanna and the little ones. Get em all in there, because they’re having (or going to have) a hard time out here. They’re not equipped with the tools to interact with others longterm. #welcometoplathville," a user wrote, another shared: "#welcometoplathville I hope these parents watch this and see how Moriah can't even communicate with her boyfriend due to her lack of social skills."



"I do believe her parents cause this but Moriah .... if y’all have spoke of this before. Max has all right to walk away if he can’t do it anymore emotionally. Sorry love. Sorry your first heartbreak is on National tv but work on that communication aspect. #WelcomeToPlathville," a fan expressed.


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