'Welcome to Plathville': Is Ethan scared of Olivia? Fans call him 'puppet' for almost agreeing to buying a house

'Welcome to Plathville': Is Ethan scared of Olivia? Fans call him 'puppet' for almost agreeing to buying a house
Ethan, Olivia (TLC)

The premise of 'Welcome to Plathville' might seem odd for some of us, but the Plath family has lived tucked away from the hustle and bustle of a city and technology for the longest time. Parents Kim and Barry Plath thought that living away from the big city life would help them instill traditional beliefs and values in their nine kids - Ethan, Hosanna, Micah, Moriah, Lydia, Isaac, Amber, Cassia and Mercy.

But some of the kids have started to break away from the family ideology. They are done with the ideals and are more focused on building their lives by themselves. Ethan, 22, the oldest of all, has been married for two years and shares a lovely bond with wife Olivia, but the same cannot be said of her relationship with the in-laws. She wants to move as far away as she can from Kim and Barry and that was evident in how urgently she has been hunting for houses for them to move into. 

In this week's episode, the couple went to see their future house, which Olivia really liked because it had a lot of space to offer, which meant she could set up her home office conveniently. But Ethan seemed unsure and didn't want to confidently commit to it. However, he assured Olivia that they'd be checking with the bank to understand if the house is doable. 

Meanwhile, fans think Olivia wants Ethan all by herself to "control" him. "Olivia wants to live further away from his parents bc she wants him all to herself so she can make her puppet do what she wants. #welcometoplathville," a fan commented, while another tweeted: "Ethan it looks like you left one dictatorship for another you appear to be very SCARED of Olivia you would have said you liked that house even it was a hot mess because Olivia likes it I know they say Happy Wife Happy Life but that’s not what you give off #welcometoplathville."

"Olivia is so annoying. She is every bit the problem the parents are. She tries to control Ethan the same way his mom does. #WelcometoPlathville," a user expressed. "Ethan screaming in every polite way possible I DONT WANT THIS HOUSE. Olivia: so what did you think? Ethan: okay lets get it. #WelcometoPlathville," another shared.









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