'Welcome To Plathville': Olivia Plath reveals that Kim and Barry feel she is 'poisoning' Ethan and his siblings because she is 'possessed'

Olivia has never had a close relationship with Kim and Barry Plath and it looks like the Plath family has some views about her.

                            'Welcome To Plathville': Olivia Plath reveals that Kim and Barry feel she is 'poisoning' Ethan and his siblings because she is 'possessed'
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Kim and Barry Plath have had their differences with Olivia Plath and this can be seen throughout the show. One of the reasons that the pair usually had problems with Olivia was the way she chose to live her life. The Plath family and Olivia's lifestyle are poles apart and it has been a major bone of contention between them. 

However, there is more to story than that. Speaking to YouTuber Katie Joy, Olivia revealed the true story behind her relationship with Kim and Barry. Olivia revealed that she first met Ethan when they attended a camp together in 2014. However, Olivia confessed that she wasn't a fan of Ethan at first as she thought he was "immature". 

She further revealed that while her parents did not like Kim and Barry much, it was Kim who took the initiative of bringing Ethan and her together. Olivia added that her relationship with Kim was good at the beginning and she was happy with the idea of Ethan getting married to her. 

The relationship worked out perfectly with Olivia helping Kim set up their first website and helping her out with social media platforms to advertise The Plath Family brand. However, Olivia felt that Kim was trying to make money out of her family. But when it came to Ethan, Olivia revealed that the need to pull out of a restricted family is what brought them together. 

It is then that the relationship between Kim and Olivia headed towards trouble. Kim felt that Olivia was "poisoning" Ethan and putting bad thoughts in his mind. She further revealed that the true rift between the family is not because of their different thoughts on lifestyle but because Kim and Barry believe that she 'is possessed by evil spirits'. 

They believe it is due to this that Olivia has poisoned Ethan and his other siblings, Moriah and Micah. Olivia also revealed that the only reason Kim and Barry allowed Micah and Moriah to spend time with them was because they thought they are locked to the evil spirits in Olivia. 

While the show sheds light on Olivia's lifestyle and pushes the idea that it is the main reason for the rift in the family, it looks like there is more to the story than just that. 

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