'Welcome To Plathville': Does Kim really want her family back? Olivia takes a dig at her 'bad mother-in-law'

Olivia Plath has been vocal about her feelings towards Kim Plath and she did not hold back in letting viewers know the same

                            'Welcome To Plathville': Does Kim really want her family back? Olivia takes a dig at her 'bad mother-in-law'
Olivia and Kim (TLC)

Olivia and Kim Plath's relationship has always been a rollercoaster ride. When Olivia first came into the Plath family as Ethan Plath's wife, things seemed to be going just fine. However, after some time, Olivia decided to let Ethan have a taste of the lifestyle that was outside the 55-acre Plath farm.

Ethan's life was completely changed once he realized there was more to life than what he was taught at the farm. However, this did not fit well with Kim. Barry Plath and Kim had always planned on giving their children a lifestyle that would be away from the rest of society. Seeing how Ethan was slowly getting dragged to the other side, the pair thought Olivia was a bad influence. It reached a point where they decided Olivia won't be able to meet the rest of the Plath children unless someone was there to supervise them. This put a dent in their relationship. In the latest episode (November 24), Olivia did not hesitate to let the world know that she is not a fan of her mother-in-law. 

Olivia hinted Kim is a "bad mother-in-law" when she went to buy fireworks for the Fourth of July celebration. Olivia thought it would be great to have it. Speaking to the camera, Olivia wondered if that firework was made because at times mothers-in-law could be too much to handle. This is not the first time she has spoken about her relationship with Kim. Previously, Olivia had hinted she almost lost herself after all the accusations that were placed on her by Ethan's family. She admitted it was hard for her to see Kim after everything that went down between them. To make things worse, Kim and her family decided to move closer to Ethan and Olivia. 

Olivia revealed she had to change a lot of things to be happy once again. Right from cutting her hair to getting a nose piercing, Olivia tried everything in her power to make herself feel free. While she has been working so hard, it does not look like Olivia has any plans of mending her relationship. Even though Kim hinted she would love to have the entire family back, it looks like there is a long road for things to go back to normal.

'Welcome to Plathville' airs on Tuesdays at 10 pm ET on TLC.

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