'Welcome To Plathville': Fans slam Olivia after she books a one-way ticket for Moriah in the season finale

Moriah recently revealed that she will be moving to Minnesota after Olivia booked her plane tickets but fans believe there needs to be a line drawn

                            'Welcome To Plathville': Fans slam Olivia after she books a one-way ticket for Moriah in the season finale

In the season finale of 'Welcome To Plathville,' Moriah broke the big news to her family. The Plath family got together to celebrate an early birthday for Moriah and she used this occasion to talk to her parents about her plans of moving.

Moriah revealed that she would be heading to Minnesota with Olivia to cover wedding photography and that she does not plan to come back any time soon. 

Kim and Barry were surprised to hear this as they could not put two and two together to understand how Moriah made this decision. Moriah revealed that Olivia helped her book a one-way ticket and that she would be staying with her grandparents during that time. 

Barry and Kim were unhappy with Olivia's decision of booking flight tickets for Moriah before consulting them first. Kim, Barry, and Olivia have often had problems and one of the biggest issues with them was that they had different opinions on how one should live their life. 

Barry admitted that he was happy Moriah would go and stay with his family but added that he was not happy with how these decisions were made. Kim echoed his thoughts as she too felt that it wasn't right on Olivia's part to make a decision about their daughter without asking them first. 

Many viewers also thought that this time Olivia had crossed the line as she should have taken into consideration what Kim and Barry thought about Moriah moving. Many took to social media to express their disappointment. 

One fan wrote, "How can Olivia expect to repair a relationship with her in-laws if she does literally whatever the f**k she wants with her in-law's 16-year-old child like I don’t really care for their parenting but wtf lmao," read one comment.

Another added, "Olivia is way too invested in exposing Moriah into the world probably bc they live in that dead town, perhaps she and the hubs should travel and experience new things together... fall back just a tad. In her own time let Moriah chose her own influences w/o her."

Another user expressed similar thoughts as the comment read, "Think the parents are extra BUT Olivia is WAY OUT OF LINE... you don't book a one-way ticket for a child without speaking to her parents 17 be damned... my parents would have canceled the flight before I finished my announcement."

Looks like Olivia's decision has made people question her. Will the next season be able to change that?

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