'Welcome To Plathville': Kim realizes how much Moriah was hurting after noticing a 'dark edge' to her songs

Kim Plath is shocked to find music written by Moriah Plath while cleaning the old house

                            'Welcome To Plathville': Kim realizes how much Moriah was hurting after noticing a 'dark edge' to her songs
Kim Plath (TLC)

Kim and Moriah Plath have never shared a good relationship, and things do not seem to get any better for the pair. Kim asked Moriah to move out of the house after she noticed changes in her behavior. Moriah decided to leave her family home and move in with her brother Micah Plath. The pair decided to work on themselves and their lives once they left the family home. In the latest episode (November 24), Kim decided to visit their old family home as they were set to rent it out to another family. In this process, Kim came across some of the songs Moriah had written.

Moriah had always used songs and poems as a means to express her feelings. Since she always felt trapped, Moriah tried to express her feeling through the songs, and in turn, hoped to get the freedom she had always craved for. While going through the songs, Kim noticed most of the things she had written had a "dark edge" to them. Kim was shocked and confessed she never realized how much Moriah was hurting. However, reading the things she had written, Kim had a better understanding of what was going on in Moriah's mind. Moriah had written things that hinted people were trying to break her spirits.

Seeing his, Kim admitted she would love to mend her relationship with her daughter. However, Kim wanted Moriah to have her space and take her time to process things. Meanwhile, Moriah has been focused on rebuilding her life ever since she left the family home. Even though she visits the family home to meet her siblings, she had admitted it was a pain to come back.

At the moment, Moriah has been focusing on her music, boyfriend, and even future. She met a boy named Max, and she admitted things were going well between them. Moriah revealed she wanted to let go of her past and focus on her future. After being forced into an environment that she was not comfortable in, Moriah hinted she was living her life by staying away from her family.

While Moriah is enjoying her new take on life, will she ever forgive Kim and Barry for how she was raised?

'Welcome to Plathville' airs on Tuesdays at 10 pm ET on TLC.

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