'Welcome To Plathville': Tension between Olivia and Kim rises as duo refuses to come to an understanding

'Welcome To Plathville': Tension between Olivia and Kim rises as duo refuses to come to an understanding

'Welcome To Plathville' has showcased how the difference between Olivia and Kim Plath's life has been affecting the rest of the family members. In the latest episode of the show, the tension between the two rises as the pair find it hard to come to an understanding of how the other Plath children should be living their life. 

Olivia is free-spirited and wants the siblings to see the different side of the world while Kim wants them to follow the values that she has instilled them with. Kim and Barry were left upset after they found out that Olivia and Ethna decided to visit the other Plath children when they were not in the house. 

Kim was worried that Olivia's lifestyle would rub on other Plath children. After careful consideration, Kim decided to talk to Olivia and Ethan when they arrived at their house the next day. Kim was open about how she was upset that the pair chose to not follow the one rule that was placed by them, that is, not visiting the house when either of them is not there. 

She added that she was not happy about Issac spending time with them for their band. Olivia stated that the only way they could mend their relationship as if she understood that Kim and Barry could trust her with their children. 

However, Barry added that there were some "blind spots" that made it hard for them to trust Olivia. Speaking to the camera, Barry revealed that Olivia is "resentful" and that is her character flaw which makes it hard to trust her with responsibility. 

Olivia further added that their relationship would not move towards getting improved until Barry and Kim showed that they trusted her and Ethan. Kim also took offense to Olivia's words as she thought that she was being told what to do with her sons rather than being asked for permission. 

This led Barry and Kim to say no to Olivia and Ethan's request of letting Issac play in their band. Fortunately, Ethan had a solution to this. He recommended that Issac practices with them one weekend while the next weekend he spends time with Kim and Barry. While the pair seemed to agree with this it did not look like things are getting any better between the two pairs. 


'Welcome To Plathville' airs on Tuesdays at 10 pm on TLC.

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