'Welcome To Plathville' Episode 1 leaves fans feeling sorry for the Plath children as they slam Kim and Barry's parenting style

'Welcome To Plathville' Episode 1 leaves fans feeling sorry for the Plath children as they slam Kim and Barry's parenting style

The Plath family was introduced to the world as they made their debut on television by appearing on 'Welcome To Plathville'. The show talks about the Plath family and how they live their life on a 55-acre farmland, where the nearest town is 10 miles away from their home. Apart from their choice of stay, the Plaths also have a unique way of living their life. 

The family has never had sugar, soda, or experienced things like social media, pop culture, and others. The first episode of the show opened the door for the viewers to come and have a look into how the family lives. However, the season premiere has left viewers feeling sorry for the children. 

Many of the users on social media pointed out that Kim and Barry Plath were not in any way protecting their children by refusing to let them socialize with others. "Welcome to Plathville has me laughing so hard. Sometimes sheltering you’re children is a good thing but these poor kids are so sheltered to the point their outside worlds are so foreign to them. The older ones have gotten married & have trouble adjusting.😬#welcometoplathville" wrote one user. 

Others pointed out that Kim and Barry were trying to implement a lifestyle which they believed is good as the comment read, "So, from what I gathered; the parents went through some shit when they were young & now their children are being very overprotected. Again, I get it. This world can be horrible however their children are being deprived of the good things this world can offer." 

Another echoed similar thoughts about the family as the comment read, "This lifestyle smacks of control. The parents are not allowing them to have any experiences where they get to make relatively harmless decisions. How can you trust their decision-making skills if they haven't had a chance to develop them?" 

Others expressed their anger towards Kim and Barry for not allowing the children to go to school. All the Plath children have been homeschooled as the parents thought they could learn more from them than any school can offer. However, this did not fit well with many viewers. 


"They said there's no reason for their daughter to go to college because she learns way more out on the farm than she ever could in school. Now they're piling sticks into what appears to be a fort," wrote one user. Another chimed in by adding, "Wait so she didn't want them to go to school because they'd be in the same room with kids their own age?🤔🤔🤔.... I'm tryna follow along, but her logic........... yeah. #welcometoplathville"

While the show has just premiered with its first episode it seems like the viewers have already formed their first impressions about the family. Will the coming episodes change their view? 

To find out, watch 'Welcome To Plathville' on Tuesdays at 10 pm on TLC. 


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