Savage wedding photographer shoves bride's step-mum out of the way to capture couple's first kiss

Desperate not to miss the shot, the photographer pushes the unsuspecting step-mum out of her way so she could capture the perfect shot

                            Savage wedding photographer shoves bride's step-mum out of the way to capture couple's first kiss

The first dance, the throwing of the bouquet and, of course, the first kiss as man and wife are precious moments a wedding photographer just can't afford to miss. It's something most photographers know and stress about. But Ashley Easterling, who was photographing the wedding of Josh, 33, and Lorna Gantt, 24, from Kentucky, pushed her limit to show she means business. So much so, that she even pushed the bride's stepmother out when she got in the way of the couple's first kiss!

Desperate not to miss the key shot, Ashley ran to attention. However, upon reaching the couple, the bride's stepmother jumped in front of her to take her own picture on her mobile phone. The photographer then proceeded to shove the unsuspecting stepmother out of the way. The video, which was taken by wedding guest Trenton Ray Hensley, was shared by the bride Lorna on her Facebook page and has since gone viral.

“I politely asked several times for [the stepmother] to move,” Ashley told Daily Mail. “She popped off something smart… I told her I was the paid photographer, then she told me I wasn't doing my job and walked right in front of me. Nope. I'm paid to do a job, and dang — this girl is doing her job one way or the other.”

Bride Lorna Gannt also praised the photographer for her fast action. “Watch my photographer push my step mom out of the way to try to capture our moment,” Gannt wrote. “She doesnt find it very funny. But I do. Lmao Ashley is a savage.”


However, Lorna later admitted that her reaction has caused some friction with her father's wife. 

"The viral video that was posted has caused a little bit of conflict between mine and my step mothers relationship, this is nothing new. We have always had a very rocky relationship and bumped heads a lot. She is terribly upset with the feedback of this video which is completely understandable. I received some very hateful text messages due to the ordeal," she wrote on Facebook.

"When the video first went viral my father, step mother and myself laughed hysterically about the whole thing now it’s a big ordeal to where I have received threats because of it. I understand that some of the negative feedback probably embarrassed her but there is plenty of comments of others taking her side on how the shove was a little far fetched..."

"I wanted to make one post to where I wanted to share that I didn’t mean any harm to her by all of this. She didn’t find it funny at first then she did and now she doesn’t. That’s okay! My picture was still captured I applaud Ashely for that," Lorna wrote.