'Weakest Link': Why did Tracy only win $43,000? NBC show sets record for lowest prize money won this season

'Weakest Link': Why did Tracy only win $43,000? NBC show sets record for lowest prize money won this season
Tracy won the lowest prize money in 'Weakest Link' (NBC)

The latest episode of NBC's trivia game show, 'Weakest Link', left fans feeling a tad bit disappointed by the performance of the contestants. The game show hosted by Jane Lynch features attempts of eight contestants to win a potential prize money of $1 million. Although no contestant on the show thus far has managed to win the entire $1 million, some have won over $80,000. 

In the recently aired episode of 'Weakest Link', the contestants managed to bank only a measly $43,000 through the course of the game. The winner, Tracy, managed to take home the prize money after her opponent Cecil failed to answer a question correctly. Right from the first round, the contestants managed to mess their chance of winning a high amount, by breaking the chain of correct answers frequently and thus, leading them back to square one.

Cecil (NBC)

The prize winner of the episode, Tracy, herself had a flawed strategy, which left both the host and fans of the show a bit puzzled. Tracy revealed to Jane that she was intentionally answering a couple of questions wrongly, so that her opponents won't view her as a threat and vote her off. Turns out Tracy's strategy worked out really well for her, as she got to take home the money.

Fans were far from impressed with the performance of the contestants in the episode and called them out for winning such a low amount, despite being given an opportunity to win $1 million. A fan tweeted, "$43,000 might be the lowest I’ve season this season. Wow. #WeakestLink." Another fan wrote,"$43,000 out of a possible $1,000,000 that could have been banked is painful. #WeakestLink." "We have a new record! Episode 12 = $43,000 Beats Episode 9 ($44,500) for the lowest bank for the season #WeakestLink," observed a fan.




Many fans also felt that the contestants who appeared in the episode weren't the brightest of the lot. A fan shared, "The people in this #WeakestLink episode weren’t the most unlikable, but they were by far the dumbest." "These people are as dumb as nails. #WeakestLink," declared a fan. Another fan expressed, "Tonight's episode of #WeakestLink was truly shameful. Not sure I've ever seen so many incorrect answers on a game show before. #NBC @NBCWeakestLink." "Week after week the people on #WeakestLink get dumber and dumber.," pointed a fan.





'Weakest Link' airs every Monday at 10/9c on NBC.

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