'Weakest Link': Is Jane Lynch as 'savage' as Anne Robinson? Fans find it hard to forget original host

Jane Lynch had pretty big shoes to fill as the hostess of the reboot version on 'Weakest Link', thanks to the legendary hosting by Anne Robinson. So how did she do?

                            'Weakest Link': Is Jane Lynch as 'savage' as Anne Robinson? Fans find it hard to forget original host
Anne Robinson and Jane Lynch (Getty Images)

Back in the early 2000s when family game shows and trivia nights were all the rage, British television presented Anne Josephine Robinson etched a place for herself in everybody's hearts as the host of the popular trivia-based game show, 'Weakest Link'.  Show hosts were usually very gentle and encouraging, but the same can't be said about Robinson. In fact, her brand of witty remarks and insults against the game show contestants was what made her wildly popular. 

Watching Robinson roast the contestants for their wrong answers in her characteristic wry manner, before delivering the now-iconic line- "You're the weakest link! Goodbye", was nothing short of a delightful experience for the audience. After hosting the show for nearly 12 years, Robinson became sort of synonymous with the popular trivia show. When NBC, decided to reboot the show many were left wondering who would be taking Robinson's place.

After NBC finally revealed that Jane Lynch would be the hostess of the reboot version, fans had mixed feelings about it. While many were nostalgic about Robinson's hosting, many others were keen to see how Lynch would perform. After the show's premiere on Tuesday (Septemeber 29), fans have some strong feelings about Lynch's hosting. While some felt that the role of the show's hostess seemed to be tailor-made for Lynch and her sassy remarks, others declared that Robinson was still the OG hostess.

A fan who seemed to absolutely love Lynch's hosting, tweeted, "@NBCWeakestLink great to see #WeakestLink back & Jane Lynch is the perfect host--like the show was created for her & easier to watch than the original British host Anne Robinson. Great job #NBC @NBC @janemarielynch." Another fan wrote, "#WeakestLink is back! I loved the old version with Anne Robinson. She was so cold blooded but also funny at the right times. Jane Lynch has been great too. I hope we get celebrity editions. The @WWE episodes were the best ones ever." " Only five minutes in and I think Jane Lynch is a great successor to Anne Robinson. #WeakestLink," declared a fan.







Several other fans couldn't stop missing Robinson and felt that Lynch was no match to the OG hostess. A fan expressed, "Love Jane Lynch but she just doesn't have that same exact level of savageness that Anne Robinson had #WeakestLink." "#WeakestLink  2020 reboot has begun. We’ve retained logo/structure/music. But dang, Jane Lynch trying to be a likable mean host. Anne Robinson was straight up savage. A British person hurling insults at Americans was really the highlight of early 2000s reality TV.," commented a fan. Another fan shared, "I'm happy the #WeakestLink is back! As good as Jane Lynch is, no one can top the original, Anne Robinson."

Do you think Lynch is a worthy successor to Robinson as the hostess of 'Weakest Link'? Let us know.

'Weakest Link' airs every Tuesday at 8/7c only on NBC. 

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