'Weakest Link': Arielle labeled 'cocky' after claiming she reached the final due to her 'charm and charisma'

'Rude, dumb, snobby & b****y. Yeah, Arielle, all that can only get you SO FAR,' said a viewer

                            'Weakest Link': Arielle labeled 'cocky' after claiming she reached the final due to her 'charm and charisma'
Arielle (Weakest Link/ Twitter)

There's a thin line between confidence and cockiness. While confidence earns you brownie points from people around you, cockiness can be one of the biggest turn-offs for many. 'Weakest Link' contestant Arielle thought she was being smart and confident on the show, unfortunately, the audience felt she was being cocky, and began slamming her. Since Round 1, Arielle began throwing shade at her fellow contestants, although her performance in the first round was very weak.

The trivia game show hosted by Jane Lynch, gives the contestants an opportunity to win a million dollars if they all answer every question correctly. Each wrong answer, takes them back to square one, unless they banked the amount they won prior to answering the next question. At the end of each round, the contestants vote out one of their fellow members who they believe performed poorly and is the "weakest link" of the group.

Despite Arielle's repeated poor performance and answering simple questions like who KFC's brand ambassador/ symbol is, she managed to make it to the final round. Arielle consistently voted against her fellow contestants for bizarre reasons such as not liking their vibe or their lack of knowledge on designer labels. In the final round, she was pitted against Anoelle. While Anoelle managed to answer three out of five questions right in the final round, Arielle couldn't answer even a single question. She openly wondered how did she not know answers to any of the questions she was being asked.

Later, when Anoelle was declared the winner of the episode, Arielle wasn't ready to give up that easily. She declared to the camera that she made it this far in the game despite not performing very well because of her "charm and charisma". When fans heard Arielle talking about her charm and charisma, they couldn't help but wonder what she was talking about.

A fan tweeted, "Arielle talking about her “charm and charisma” girl WHERE? #WeakestLink." "Wow, "My charm and charisma...." Arielle's self centered as well as dumb. I'm glad Anoelle won! #WeakestLink," wrote another fan. "#WeakestLink I take it back; Anoelle killed it that round. And Arielle, you made it this far *in spite of* your ABSENCE of charm," commented a fan.




Several fans expressed their dislike towards Arielle on Twitter. A fan shared, "I can't wait to see Arielle go home. What a stuck up snob voting for someone bc "what girl doesn't know her brands?". You literally need to read a book and stop worrying about your brands. #WeakestLink." "#weakestlink You either love Arielle, or you dislike Arielle. There is no in-between. On that note, I dislike her. Too snobby for my liking. There's a difference between confidence and cockiness, and she's cocky," pointed a fan. Another fan declared, "Rude, dumb, snobby & bitchy. Yeah, Arielle, all that can only get you SO FAR. #WeakestLink."





'The Weakest Link' airs every Tuesday at 8/7c only on NBC. 

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