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'We were best friends weren't we?': Parents recall eeriest things their children ever said to them

In a Twitter thread shared in April, parents are sharing some of the eeriest things their children said to them
Parents shared some bizarre instances in which their children apparently recalled their previous life (Screenshot/Twitter/@KowMark)
Parents shared some bizarre instances in which their children apparently recalled their previous life (Screenshot/Twitter/@KowMark)

Kids are known for sharing their thoughts without any filter with their parents. It is said that children always speak the truth, whatever the situation. But sometimes, they do say things that get you thinking.

Recently, one woman shared an anecdote on Twitter of her kid recalling losing her husband from her previous birth and it sent shivers down her spine. This led to many other parents sharing similar stories of their kids saying eerie things, sparking a spooky fest on the internet.

It all started when Lilah Sturges tweeted, "What’s the eeriest thing a child has ever said to you? When my daughter was around 4-5, she calmly insisted that she had once been married to a man named Brad Huffington. When we asked what had happened to him she replied with a note of sadness, 'He was lost at sea.'"

After which, she added, "I mentioned this tweet to my daughter and she reminded me that Brad lost a leg while serving in the Navy prior to his demise and that they had five kids together." While some found the tweets amusing, those with an experience no different from the mother, responded with strange things their kids said to them.


Here are some of the stories:

A Twitter user said, "My bestie died suddenly when I was 28. It was a complete shock and I'm still shook... about 6 years ago my then 3 year old asked me a lot of questions about what I did before he was born. Middle of answering he says 'Yeah, I remember. We were best friends weren't we?' "


A second user recalled, "My 3 year old would sit and stare at the same corner of the ceiling and say he was looking at the Hahas. Responding to questions, he said Hahas were all black, had no eyes, no face, but a big mouth, and sometimes they hang on the staircase too, and then we stopped asking questions."

The user continued, "He stopped mentioning them by 5. At 8 it felt like nbd, and we brought up the Hahas. He didn't remember them at first, but then he did. He got really quiet. Said he didn't want to talk about it anymore and left the room. He is 15 now and I will never bring them up again."


A third said, "When I was around the same age I was hiking with my classmates and two chaperones. There were about 20 of us and part of the hike required us to walk along a busy road before crossing onto another footpath on the the mountain. It was raining and the road had no shoulders."

He added, "As we approached a bend on the road I suddenly started advising the group not to walk along the road and move up farther into the shrubs where there was no clear path. Moments later two trucks nearly collided on the bend and one of them had to swerve where we would be walking."


These are just some of the weirdest eeriest instances that parents shared in the Twitter thread.