Six white high school students with boots share shocking photo of them standing on a black classmate

Students at Moody High School have apologized for taking a controversial photo of six white male students in cowboy boots standing on an African-American student lying face down

                            Six white high school students with boots share shocking photo of them standing on a black classmate

Students at Moody High School in Alabama apologized after the surfacing of a controversial snapchat photo which showed six white male students wearing cowboy boots standing on an Africa-American peer lying face down.

According to an interview that aired Monday night on CBS 42, the students at the school in St Claire County apologized for the phtograph that was captioned, "We got us one."

The students said it was meant as a joke and was mocking of racist people.

Many users on social media reacted with mixed responses to the photo which was taken last week and shared multiple times on the internet. While some said people were taking the joke too seriously, others thought it was wildly offensive to the African-American community.

Students who took the photo asserted that it was meant as a simple joke, according to a statement from Moody High School Principal Christopher Walters.


Jennifer Kellum, the mother of Austin Glass, who appeared in the photo with a maroon shirt with his foot on the other student, spoke to Birmingham television station CBS 42. According to her, the students "really were making fun of racist people", while her son said the photo was taken "out of proportion."

"If I could go back, I wouldn't have took the picture," he said. "I probably wouldn't have even dressed up for that day."

According to Walters, the theme of the day was dressing up as a destination. Students at each grade level could choose to dress up as one of four destinations, namely Hollywood, Hawaii, New Orleans, or Dallas, he said.

Having said that, the white teenagers in the photo, who wore boots along with flannels, were apparently representing "Dallas".


Walters further revealed to that the students in the picture were all friends, and another photo captured at the same time showed them all standing together in friendship.

"We have confirmed that all students involved are friends and participated voluntarily in creating the picture, which they say was intended to be a 'joke'," he said in a statement, "The picture is offensive and unacceptable, and it does not reflect the values of our school, our students, or our community. Notably, I also don't believe that the picture reflects the values of the students involved." 

He assured that appropriate disciplinary actions would be taken against the students who "clearly made poor decisions."

In the said CBS 42 television interview, the African-American student in the photo - now identified as Nick Fuller - said to the station: "I'm thinking about it now, but I didn't think about it when we first took the photos. I'd still like to say sorry again for anyone I offended."