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Waukesha tragedy suspect Darrell Brooks rapped 'f**k Donald Trump' before hitting parade

Darrell Brooks, 39, also known as MathBoi Fly, reportedly shared songs about killing on his YouTube channel and SoundCloud pages
UPDATED NOV 23, 2021
Person of interest in the Waukesha tragedy Darrell Brooks reportedly wrote profane rap about Donald Trump (DOJ and Wikimedia)
Person of interest in the Waukesha tragedy Darrell Brooks reportedly wrote profane rap about Donald Trump (DOJ and Wikimedia)

WAUKESHA, WISCONSIN: Aspiring rapper Darrell Brooks, 39, who is the 'person of interest' in the Waukesha Christmas parade rampage that left five people dead and injured over 40 people, reportedly wrote an anti-Donald Trump rap and declared "f**k the pigs" in songs posted online. Brooks, who performs under the name MathBoi Fly, allegedly shared songs about killing on his SoundCloud pages and YouTube channel. Waukesha’s police chief has confirmed that Brooks is now facing five charges of intentional homicide.

While one of Brooks' songs includes the lyrics, "They gonna need a cleaner for the s*** we did, all my killers Gacey where them bodies hid", another says, ""Sliding through the city with no safety on." "f*** Donald Trump" and "f*** the pigs," one of his songs also says. Brooks had also posted a video on Twitter about a speech made by former president Barack Obama, which he called "a crock of b******". Brooks also reportedly rapped about AK-47s. A playlist on his YouTube channel, which is now removed, includes a song named "Gon Kill U". 

A screenshot attributed to MathBoi Fly is circulating online where the profane lyrics can be seen (Screenshot SoundCloud)


7 years after 'Slender Man' terrified Waukesha, tragedy returns to city

Who are the Dancing Grannies? Parade group hit by speeding SUV in Waukesha tragedy

Debris litters the street at a crime scene on November 21, 2021 in Waukesha, Wisconsin. According to reports, an SUV drove through pedestrians at a holiday parade, killing at least one and injuring 20 more. (Photo by Jim Vondruska/Getty Images)

Several witnesses have come forward and described the horror that unfolded on Sunday night, November 21, when the driver plowed into several marchers at a Wisconsin Christmas parade. According to Waukesha Police Chief Dan Thompson, the “suspect vehicle”, a red Ford Escape, was recovered after what is being called a mass casualty event. Investigators now have a “person of interest".

Videos of the horrific incident, which are viral on social media, show a red Ford Escape smashing through white barricades before racing down the road towards a high school marching band. The car drove right through the parade as screams filled the air, running over people and driving away as the crowd scattered. “As we were walking back in between the buildings that we saw an SUV crossover just put the pedal to the metal and just zooming full speed along the parade route,” alderman Angelito Tenorio, who had just finished marching, told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “And then we heard a loud bang, and just deafening cries and screams from people who were struck by the vehicle. And then, and then we saw people running away or stopping crying, and there, there are people on the ground who looked like they'd been hit by the vehicle.”

Video shows the red SUV narrowly missing a little girl (L) before it plowed into the Christmas parade is Waukesha (R) (Twitter)

Brooks, who is a person of interest in the case, is a career criminal and rapper. Brooks's exact alleged connection with the Waukesha parade has not been divulged by authorities. His name is not listed in the Waukesha County Jail database yet. It is being presumed that he was detained by cops after a red vehicle similar to the parade SUV showed up on Google Maps for the address listed in Brooks's name.