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'Utterly horrifying': Waukesha parade killer Darrell Brooks rolls eyes, laughs during his victim's statements

To top it all Darrell Brooks, 40, even appeared to grin under his mask as victims called for the judge to sentence him for life
UPDATED NOV 16, 2022
Darrell Brooks was seen laughing at victim statements at this sentencing (Twitter/@ribiscake)
Darrell Brooks was seen laughing at victim statements at this sentencing (Twitter/@ribiscake)

WAUKESHA, WISCONSIN: The highly infamous Waukesha Christmas Parade killer, Darrell Edward Brooks Jr, 40, was convicted on October 26, 2022, of six counts of first-degree intentional homicide and 70 other counts related to the incident on November 21, 2021. Now almost a year later, the killer was seen laughing and rolling his eyes during his victim's statements, seemingly unbothered about his heinous crimes. 

Brooks showed no empathy and acted like he did not hear them. He was shaking his head, fake reading his Bible, and even pretended to pray as sobbing victims gave impact statements. To top it all the 40-year-old even appeared to grin under his mask as the victims called for the judge to sentence him for life


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Twitter users were utterly terrified to see the remorseless cold-hearted killer react in such a manner. One Twitter user wrote, "Rolling his eyes at the traumatized victims... if he wants a short stay in prison as some one's wife he is going the right way about it. #DarrellBrooksTrial #DarrellBrooks." Another user tweeted, "I’ve never seen any deserve the death penalty more that #DarrellBrooks." 



One Twitter user wrote, "While the rest of the court is consumed with emotions #DarrellBrooks is pretending to pray, acting distracted with the computer, the Bible and his constant eye rolling and shoulder shrugs… #DarrellBrooksTrial #WaukeshaChristmasParade." "THAT is the real Darrell Brooks. Not that crying, Mama's boy you saw a couple of times in court. A heartless, rude, piece of shit. May he feel every ounce of torture that he hopefully gets in that jail cell," wrote another user. 



One Twitter user prayed for the people of Waukesha by tweeting, "To the community of Waukesha, y’all are amazing for how y’all have continued to move forward after this tragedy. To the mother who lost her child to the horror of #DarrellBrooks, you are made of some amazing strength. #DarrellBrooksTrial Prayers of healing for Waukesha." Another reacted, "Watching and hearing the victim impact statements of the individuals and families of the #WaukeshaChristmasParade. It is utterly HORRIFYING. Seeing Darrell Brooks roll his eyes and laugh?!??! HELL. NO. May he feel the agony and pain they felt x infinity. Burn in hell, you monster."



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