'Parts Unknown' trailer offers a glimpse into the last few months of Anthony Bourdain's life

Netflix had planned to drop the series but changed its decision after Anthony Bourdain's tragic death in June

                            'Parts Unknown' trailer offers a glimpse into the last few months of Anthony Bourdain's life

When Anthony Bourdain died after committing suicide in June earlier this year, the latest season of his Emmy award-winning show 'Parts Unknown' was still in production. With his passing, the show's future remained uncertain. In August, it was confirmed that six episodes were in the works showing the last few months of Bourdain's life.

Now, we've got our first look at the last episode produced completely with Bourdain's involvement and featuring his voice-over, thanks to CNN's trailer for the final season of the show. Check it out below.


As the trailer reveals, the last episode features the chef-turned-writer-turned-television-host with comedian and fellow CNN co-star W Kamau Bell in Kenya. The bulk of the trailer is Bell reflecting on the time he spent with Bourdain and the unbelievable experience of being on 'Parts Unknown'.

"I really felt like a passenger," Bell says in the trailer, "just wanting to be present for it. And I didn't want to suck — that was my overwhelming feeling... Don't screw up his show. Everybody who had dreams of traveling with Tony, it's exactly as cool as you think it is."

As Slate points out, the episode is the first of seven episodes that CNN is releasing from the 12th and final season, with four more episodes shot on location, a retrospective with the show’s cast and crew, and an episode on Bourdain’s legacy rounding out the final season.

Back in August, it was confirmed that the first episode had already been finished, but that the remaining episodes would be supplemented with follow-up interviews and location audio of Bourdain.

Judging from the trailer, the first episode has also been recut with new footage, which only makes sense given how strange and sad it would be to air an episode that did not address Bourdain's death.

"17 f**king years. As soon as the cameras turn off, the crew will be sitting around, we’ll be having a cocktail, I f**king pinch myself," Bourdain can be heard saying in the new trailer. "I cannot f**king believe that I get to do this."

The final season of 'Parts Unknown' will premiere on September 23 on CNN.  Meanwhile, until October 1, fans can watch old episodes of the show on Netflix, which changed its decision to remove the series after Bourdain's tragic death.