Watch: Reckless but extremely lucky driver leaves a trail of destruction trying to exit highway

A careless driver caused multiple collisions after stopping in the middle of a busy highway after missing an exit

                            Watch: Reckless but extremely lucky driver leaves a trail of destruction trying to exit highway
(Source:Getty Images)

Accidents on busy highways are common and can be quite deadly. A video from a recent accident shows a driver stopping in the middle of the highway after missing an exit and deciding to cut across the fast-moving traffic leaving a trail of destruction behind. The video was captured by a traffic camera on the Changchun-Shenzhen Expressway – also known as the ‘G25’ – in China. Police in Huzhou City in Zhejiang Province said that the accidents were caused after the driver in the white car decided to stop suddenly. In the footage that has since gone viral on social media, the driver of the white car is spotted suddenly hitting the break and coming to a stop in the center of the two lanes with high-speed traffic.

The driver realized they missed their exit and was trying to take the right exit by cutting across the highway. However, as the white car was standing still in the middle of the busy highway, a truck coming at a fast pace from behind the car hit the breaks in order to avoid smashing into the white car. The large truck swerves suddenly, narrowly avoiding smashing into the car. The truck soon loses balance and is seen tilting before crashing into the guardrail. The accident causes the contents of the truck to spill out.

Surprisingly, even after watching an accident take place in front of their eyes, the driver in the white car seems undeterred. Rather than pulling their car aside to stop another collision from happening, the driver in the car decides to try his luck the second time and reach the exit. 

The driver turns heir car fully across one of the motorway lanes and heads for the off-ramp. As reported by UNILAD, in a bid to reach the exit, the driver blocks the lane and causes yet another collision as a blue truck tries to avoid a collision. However, trying to do that causes the truck to jack-knife at the side of the road.

The reckless driver carries on and moves towards the exit despite knowing that they have left a series of accidents behind them. Other drivers called the police to the scene. Luckily, none of them suffered any injuries. 

The driver of the white car has reportedly been tracked down, but there has been no comment on whether they have had their license taken away for their reckless actions. Huzhou Traffic Police have reminded drivers to keep on moving forward if they miss a turn on the highway and instead take the next cut that they come across.

Many people have expressed their anger towards the incident. I honestly hope so badly this person gets the consequences they deserve for causing these accidents," wrote one, while another added, " The truck drivers saved the life of this twat in the white car - and he/she drives away... At least 2 years imprisonment, please!"