Washington woman strangles mother to death, dismembers her and dumps body parts in trash cans across the city

Washington woman strangles mother to death, dismembers her and dumps body parts in trash cans across the city

OLYMPIA, WASHINGTON: A 58-year-old woman, who was reported missing in July was allegedly strangled to death by her 23-year-old daughter.

Amara J. Lundy was arrested on suspicion of first-degree murder on Monday after she was accused of strangling her mother, Susan Lundy, dismembering her body and disposing of her remains in dumpsters and trash cans around the city where they lived.

The victim lived with her daughter at the time when she was reported missing on July 6. Two of her friends alerted the authorities after failing to establish contact with her for over a month, the Olympian reported. 

When the police responded to Amara and Susan’s home in Olympia and entered the property through an unlocked window, they discovered that the electricity had shut off, the toilet was full and there were several containers of urine inside the house.

A strong smell of urine permeated the air in the basement, which had a padlock on the door. The same smell came from a large waste container in the yard.


Initially, Aamra told detectives that her mother had gone camping and then moved out of the house to stay with her father. She changed her count of the events on Monday after her father called the investigators and told them that his daughter was willing to “provide a truthful statement.”

During interrogation, the accused said that “she had grown tired of her mother and decided that if her mother was dead, things would be better for several people.”

She added that she used a cord to strangle the victim saying “her mother begged for her to stop but (she) felt at that point her only option was to finish strangling her and continued to do so until her mother stopped thrashing.”

The body was then temporarily kept in the waste container in the yard before Amara dismembered it with a large kitchen knife.

Admitting that her boyfriend had helped her in scattering the pieces of her mother’s corpse at dumpsters and private refuse containers around the city using a grocery store shopping cart, Amara provided the detectives with a map of where the remains had been disposed.


“(She) described how she went to great lengths (to) make it look like her mother had simply left town, destroying her mother’s cell phone and throwing her identification in the garbage can,” the police stated.

Susan’s identification and credit cards were found in a garbage can at a west Olympia shopping center.

Court Commissioner Rebekah Zinn ordered Amara to be held without bail due to the severity and premeditation of the alleged crime.

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 Washington woman kills mother after growing "tired of her," chops body, scatters pieces around city