Washington mom tries to strangle children to death, tells cops they're better off dead as she's a 'bad mother'

31-year-old Hina Sadia was found in the bathroom with her daughter, 4, 'completely limp and not moving' while her son was 'sobbing and crying'

                            Washington mom tries to strangle children to death, tells cops they're better off dead as she's a 'bad mother'
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FIFE, WASHINGTON: A 31-year-old mother from the city of Fife in Washington was arrested after she tried to kill her two children by strangling them. Hina Sadia reportedly told police that she was a "bad mother who can't take care of them". According to reports, the Fife Police Department responded to the place of incident on May 17, when they received a call on 911 of a possible homicide. "The caller advised 911 they had just killed their daughter and that they were going to kill their baby boy. Officers immediately responded to the scene, finding an unconscious four-year-old female and an alert two-year-old male," the department said.

When the dispatchers reached the location, they found both children naked in a bathtub. The girl child was "completely limp and not moving" while the younger one was "sobbing and crying". Assistant Chief with the Fife Police Department Dave Woods said, "The officers immediately began providing medical treatment to her. She was not responsive upon initial contact and they began life-saving breathing medical attention until Tacoma Fire arrived on scene and took that over."

The children were then reportedly taken to Mary Bridge Hospital, where the four-year-old is said to be in critical condition while her little brother has been kept in observation. Court documents revealed that when Sadia was questioned by officials over why she tried to kill her children, she responded, "I am a bad mother and I cannot take care of my kids."

She also said that she could not do anything for them and they were not going to contribute to society so it would be better that they die. Officials said that Sadia's husband also lives with the family, however, when the incident happened, he was not at home. Her husband's name has not been revealed yet. "It's baffling to us, it's baffling to our investigators, it's baffling to the father at this point. We aren't sure why it took place. It's impacted, not just the family, but the community and our police department. In my 32 years in law enforcement, we've never experienced anything like that in our city," Woods said.

Meanwhile, it has been reported that Sadia, who has no criminal history, is held on $1 million bond. She is expected to appear in court on June 15. 

In a similar incident, an Atlanta woman allegedly killed her daughter and son, before killing herself hours after saying she "could not ask for better children".  Cobb County police responded to a family home in a wealthy gated townhouse community called Vinings Parc East, 12 miles east of Atlanta on August 21, to conduct a welfare check when they found the bodies of 58-year-old Marsha Edwards, along with her 20-year-old daughter Erin Edwards and 24-year-old Chris Edwards.

Reports claimed that they all died from gunshot wounds. Police said Marsha was the only one who died of "an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound" and were reportedly investigating the case as a double murder-suicide. They also said at the time that the reason behind the killing was not clear.

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