'Was it Love' Episode 9: Will Ae-jeong fall for Ah-rin's scheme just when she is about to give Dae-o a chance?

'Was it Love' Episode 9 sees Ae-jeong struggle through Dae-o's confession that he is still in love with her and begs for another chance to heal her broken heart

                            'Was it Love' Episode 9: Will Ae-jeong fall for Ah-rin's scheme just when she is about to give Dae-o a chance?
Song Ji-hyo and Son Ho-jun (JTBC)

Ae-jeong (Song Ji-hyo) at the beginning of 'Was it Love' Episode 9 is about to kiss Dae-o (Son Ho-jun) and in that instant, she remembers many moments from the past, moments that led to Ae-jeong falling in love with Dae-o in the first place. It is a moment that hints at Ae-jeong still being open to receiving love and affection from Dae-o but at the last moment, she backs off and in the process, she even hurts Dae-o. At this moment, Yeon-woo (Koo Ja-sung), Koo Pa-do (Kim Min-jun), and Ryu Jin (Song Jong-ho) have also arrived from Seoul. What transpired then is chaos as each man tries to outmatch the others in showing concern for Ae-jeong.

Ae-jeong might have wavered once, but to ensure that she doesn't again, she tries to stay away from Dae-o the rest of the day. When the chief of village gets each of them to do a chore to consider their favor -- to shoot the film in this village -- she sends Dae-o off to chop firewood while she is away at the grocery store. In the meantime, Pa-do is worried about Ae-jeong's safety. After a man from Pa-do's past appears and blackmail's Pa-do that he had found the woman who looks like his wife, Pa-do is extremely worried about putting her in danger and this is the reason he even followed her to the village as well. Unlike others who have a romantic interest in her, Pa-do followed her to ensure her safety.

What was supposed to be a location scouting trip with Ae-jeong and Dae-o turned into something more as the village chief uses this opportunity to make their visit to a party considering the country's top star Ryu Jin had come to their village. At this time, Ae-jeong uses the opportunity to draw strict lines between herself and Ryu Jin, tells him that all that he feels towards him is being grateful for all the help and his company from the past. She also tells Yeon-woo the same but when it comes to Dae-o, she seems to harbor a deep hatred for him. This hatred surfaces in episode 9 as Dae-o tries to force Ae-jeong into telling him why she left him in the first place. She tells him instead that she had only two options -- to either die or leave him. So she chose the latter because she couldn't really tell him the reason why she had to make this choice in the first place.

A still Joo Ah-rin in 'Was it Love' episode 9. (JTBC)

What could have transpired between the two of them that Ae-jeong felt that she had to die? This is something that Dae-o cannot figure out and the only one who might be able to help is Ryu Jin. So he swallows his pride and opens up to Ryu Jin again, and so just like in the past, Ryu Jin beco that person who gets his friend's emotional baggage dumped on him. This time though, she doesn't entertain it and for a change, makes his stance clear. Despite Ae-jeong making it clear that she is not interested in Ryu Jin romantically, it is time for him to stop putting himself in between his two friends.

Once all of the return to Seoul, Dae-o completely gives Ae-jeong the cold-shoulder treatment. After being hurt deeply by Ae-jeong's word, he tells her that going forward, he will treat her in an entirely professional manner but begs her to give him one chance for redemption. For, however, he hurt her in the past, he wants to try and heal her broken heart in the present. This heartfelt request from him puts Ae-jeong in discomfort mentally and physically.

Ko Dong-chan, Pa-do's son has used up the pocket money that his father had given him to help Ha-nee fund the DNA test to find who her father is. Meanwhile, Dong-chan also finds the video of his mother and father from the past playing in his father's study. He is shocked to see Ae-jeong on screen as he doesn't know that his mother was her doppelganger. So just as Ha-nee is trying to figure out who her father is, Dong-chan is trying to figure out how his father and her mother are connected.

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