'Was it Love' Episode 7: Ae-jeong struggles to deal with Dae-o's confession, Yeon-woo's affection

'Was it Love' Episode 7:  Ae-jeong struggles to deal with Dae-o's confession, Yeon-woo's affection
Ae-jeong (JTBC)

'Was it Love' Episode 7 begins unexpectedly on a hilarious note. Dae-o confesses to Ae-jeong that he still likes her, but she turns the entire situation around by laughing it off as his prank. She asks him why he would still like her after cursing her for ruining his life all this while. She then walks out of the party and that's when Yeon-woo enters and is introduced as the son of the host of the party to Dae-o and Ah-rin. When Yeon-woo learns that Ae-jeong was also at the party, he rushes out to see her and her dirtied clothes after she was pushed around by Ah-rin, so he takes her out to get her new clothes. He tries to do everything possible to get just a bit closer to Ae-jeong and she also accepts this as a move just to get closer as friends.


Dae-o, on the other hand, confesses to Ryu Jin that he told Ae-jeong that he still has feelings for her. Ryu Jin who thinks that he is Ha-nee's father is shocked and also tries to change Dae-o's mind by telling him about Ha-nee and Ae-jeong being the mother of a daughter. This, however, doesn't change Dae-o's mind. He gets drunk and ends up at Ae-jeong's house only to meet Yeon-woo at the door. The two end up fighting after Yeon-woo learns that Dae-o aka Cheon is the man from Ae-jeong's past. It is still unclear as to why Ae-jeong and Dae-o had broken up at this point and the fact that Dae-o seems more surprised to hear that he was the one who hurt Ae-jeong hints at the fact that there is more to their break up than Ae-jeong's pregnancy.


How big could the misunderstanding in the past be for both Dae-o and Ae-jeong to believe that they were deeply hurt and betrayed by the other person? Also, what role did Ryu Jin play in perpetuating this is something that the show must explore sooner rather than later. The more this mystery drags out, the more frustrating it becomes, so revealing a bit more than the flashes from the past that we have so far seen would be better. For instance, why does Ae-jeong believe that Dae-o's love was fleeting and why did neither Ryu Jin nor Dae-o know that Ae-jeong was pregnant? If one of them is the father, the reason why Ae-jeong left without a word should drive the upcoming few episodes or the show would end up becoming a drag.


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