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'Was it Love' Episode 6: Oh Dae-o confesses he still likes Ae-jeong who is also pursued by Yeon-woo

'Was it Love' Episode 6 sees Yeon-woo tell Ae-jeong not to feel pressurized but that he would like for her to choose him in the end. However, Oh Dae-o might not let go of Ae-jeong
Son Ho-jun and Song Ji-hyo (JTBC)
Son Ho-jun and Song Ji-hyo (JTBC)

The minute Oh Dae-o reversed his car and splashed water on Yeon-woo as he confessed to Ae-jeong in episode 5 of 'Was it Love', it became clear that he still had feelings for Ae-jeong. He is not over his first love and his actions are a result of his jealousy. In episode 6, we see Oh Dae-o aka author Cheon Eok-man act out of turn or cross lines that the two professionals have at work with Ae-jeong and this leads to one outburst at the end of the episode where he is seen confessing to Ae-jeong that he still likes her the way he used to in the past. 

The episode begins with Ae-jeong preparing to meet actor Ah-rin now that Dae-o has managed to set up a meeting. What she is not aware of is the connection that Ah-rin has to Dae-o, neither is he for that matter. We see a flashback where Ah-rin as a highschool student with a different name and look, is just about to approach Dae-o with a shy look on her face, but before she could, Ae-jeong runs past her and straight into Dae-o's arms. So Ah-rin doesn't like Ae-jeong being anywhere near Dae-o and after all these years at that.

A still of Joo Ah-rin in 'Was it Love' episode 6. (JTBC)

So during the first meeting, Ah-rin ignores Ae-jeong completely and concentrates only on Dae-o. She even tells both Dae-o and Ae-jeong to rework the project because she finds the leading lady in the novel unimpressive. This comes right after her manager speaks about the novel being about Dae-o's first love. So it is clear that the animosity between Ah-rin and Ae-jeong is not going to disappear that easily. In fact, Ah-rin even tries to get Ae-jeong replaced by citing the fact that she is a first-timer and hence someone as prolific as Ceon Eok-man shouldn't take a risk with her. Ah-rin is of course not aware of the fact that both Ryu Jin and Dae-o are in the film because of her. 

So when Dae-o refuses and also makes it clear that he will not work on the project if Ae-jeong were not a part of it, Ah-rin's hatred for Ae-jeong only increases. So when Ae-jeong approaches her at a party to thank her for the invite and for being a part of the project, Ah-rin has no patience and she tries to shirk Ae-jeong off. In the process, she ends up pushing Ae-jeong onto an oncoming waiter and there is food dropping all over the producer. However Ae-jeong doesn't get mad at Ah-rin, Dae-o does. She instead wants to help Ah-rin calm down. Dae-o cannot comprehend how one person can be so okay with accepting the short end of the stick all the time in life, but Ae-jeong doesn't understand why Dae-o is getting so frustrated. 

She addresses how he has continually been stepping over professional boundaries recently -- be it when Yeon-woo had confessed to her or now. That's when Dae-o loses it and tells her that he will not be professional with her because he still continues to like her and anything about her is personal for him. With Yeon-woo's confession, Ae-jeong was a lot more composed, but with Dae-o's she is shocked because the way they had ended things when they were in the university was not great. Now, between Ryu Jin and Dae-o, who is Ha-nee's father? Or is it someone we haven't yet met? Also, that entire scene with Ha-nee claiming Ryu Jin to be her father was just his nightmare as we had suspected. 

New episodes of 'Was it Love?' will air on JTBC at 9.30 pm on Wednesdays and Thursday and will be available to stream on Netflix.