'Was it Love' Episode 5: Has Ha-nee really found her father or is she trying to save Ae-jeong's pride?

'Was it Love' Episode 5: Has Ha-nee really found her father or is she trying to save Ae-jeong's pride?
Ha-nee (JTBC)

'Was it Love' Episode 5 promo comes with a shocker of a scene where Ae-jeong's (Song Ji-hyo) daughter Ha-nee is seen pointing at someone and calling the person her father in front of all the other parents of her class who are gathered to see a guest lecture. At the end of episode 4, we saw Ha-nee (Um Chae-young) meet Ryu-jin (Song Jong-ho) after having called him to come to her school. She does it to invite him as the speaker for a guest lecture after her grandmother over promises at the parent-teacher's meeting that Ae-jeong can bring author Cheon Eok-man aka Dae-o on (Son O-jun) on board for the same. 

Dae-o did arrive at school but he did not intend on giving a speech. Instead, he wanted answers from Ae-jeong about who her child's father is and if she does have a husband or not. He forcefully takes her away from Ha-nee's class to the terrace and this is when Ha-nee ends up making a mess of a situation that is already complicated. Ryu-jin also believes that there are chances that Ha-nee could be his daughter because he keeps having flashes from the past of one particular night when Ae-jeong and he had gone out drinking. 

In the promo, we see Ryu-jin give the talk that Dae-o was supposed to and he tells the kids that the person who inspired him to become an actor was his first love. Is he referring to Ae-jeong? From what we have seen of the past so far, and the present, Ryu-jin seems to be interested in Ae-jeong, however, her relationship with Dae-o who also happens to be Ryu-jin's friend is what stopped him from pursuing this interest. Even his first-ever film was directed by Dae-o and produced by Ae-jeong when the three were still in college. 

While all of this is going on, there is also the matter of Yeon-woo, who is currently the physical education teacher at Ha-nee's school. He seems to have met Ae-jeong right after she got pregnant and was also interested in making his relationship with her a romantic one, however, she disappeared from his life too until now. Ha-nee asks her only friend at school -- who do I resemble the most among these men? We don't hear the response, but instead, see the scene where she ends up pointing her finger at someone. That someone could either be her mother -- who had in an earlier episode said that she is not only Ha-nee's mother but also her father -- or it could be Ha-nee mistaking one of the three men for her father. If it does turn out to be the latter, Ae-jeong is going to have one big mess to sort out in the upcoming episode. 

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