'Warrior' Season 2 Episode 9: Here's what Chao and Mai Ling's choice would mean for Chinatown

'Warrior' Season 2 Episode 9 will see the tongs come together to fight outside forces and this could be a result of Chao's choice

                            'Warrior' Season 2 Episode 9: Here's what Chao and Mai Ling's choice would mean for Chinatown
Bill and Chao (Cinemax)

At the end of Episode 8, we saw Jacob arrive at Chao's shop to ask for his help. It was something that Chao hadn't expected, and to see a killer who had almost brought a war to the door of the tongs at his doorstep is not something that bades well for him either. At the same time, we must also remember that handing Jacob over to the cops is something that Mai Ling wants to do in return for power. She wants power to be able to crush the Hop Wei out of existence, and she says so to the new mayor William Buckley during one of their secret meetings at Chinatown. 

Chao is known to make deals with everyone as long as it served his purpose and this is also what he expect him to do because his character is loyal to none but his business. He was capable of handing Zing, the lead of Fung Hai to Bill and he is also very much capable to handing Jacob, Penny's manservant over to the cops because he does appreciate peace more than anything. It is peace that allows Chao to do his business, and in light of this, Chao's decision is not really going to be much of a surprise. However, we believe that the choice that he makes, to work with Mai Ling again wouldn't be the best for the tongs because the official synopsis of the upcoming episode hints at a war arriving at the doorsteps of Chinatown. 

The synopsis reads, "After Bill (Kieran Bew) and his men are confronted by an angry mob, Chinatown erupts into chaos, forcing the tongs to work together to protect their streets. As Chao (Hoon Lee) and Mai Ling (Dianne Doan) seek shelter, Mai Ling tends to an ailing Ah Toy (Olivia Cheng). Sophie (Celine Buckens) opens her eyes to Leary’s (Dean Jagger) world. Lee (Tom Weston-Jones) decides which side he’s on."

This synopsis also shows how Ah Toy is still alive after all the life-threatening wounds. The most interesting hint however is the fact that the tongs -- Hop Wei and Long Zii -- will work together to face the threat that Chinatown faces. Which means that the upcoming episode is definitely going to feature some stunning fight sequences featuring Andrew Koji, Jason Tobin and Chen Tang. As Ah Sahm, Young Jun and Hong, the three of them will definitely be at the forefront of fight. We will also see how Lii Yong will work with Ah Sahm and Young Jun on the new threat as well. 

This then brings us to the next important question. Are Mai Ling and Ah Sahm capable of calling a truce? It is after all a conflict between them that pushes Ah Sahm to aid Young Jun in taking over his father's seat. Mai Ling might be open to nurse a woman who she doesn't care for, but can she be considerate of the brother who promised to bring her down to her knees? We will see this in the next episode.

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