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'Warrior' Season 2 Episode 6: Ending hints Ah Sahm, Young Jun's plan in jeopardy, Company of 6 out to get them

'Warrior' Season 2 Episode 6 ends on a rather exciting note as Ah Sahm, Young Jun and Hong arrive back at Hop Wei to find some elderly Chinese men waiting for them
Young Jun, Ah Sahm, Hong and Vega (Cinemax)
Young Jun, Ah Sahm, Hong and Vega (Cinemax)

'Warrior' Season 2 Episode 6 sees Ah Sahm (Andrew Koji) make an elaborate plan with Young Jun (Jason Tobin), which will allow him to balance the losses that the two of them faced after losing their stash of molasses to a bombing by Leary (Dean Jagger). He decides to fight in a bigger pit fight and the bar owner Vega (Maria Elena Laas) who introduced Ah Sahm to a local source owner of molasses is the one to take him to the border of Mexico and California to fight for a bigger prize. Of course, things do not go as planned and Ah Sahm even loses his friend and recently turned lover Vega to her revenge. 

He does manage to win the prize money and despite the heartbreak, he experiences at having lost Vega, he pushes himself to return to his tong Hop Wei. Of course, when Vega was still alive, she had suggested that Ah Sahm not leave for San Francisco but instead stay behind and even right before her death, she says the same thing too. Yet, what really takes Ah Sahm back to the tong is his thirst for revenge against Mai Ling (Dianne Doan) and the loyalty that comes with being a member of a tong such as Hop Wei. 

Just when Young Jun and Ah Sahm believe that they have managed to collect enough money to support their plan of buying more product to sell and balance out the loss that has occurred so far before Father Jun notices, things seem to go south. Young Jun was right to have feared that his father might learn about Ah Sahm and him not placing any order from the Company of Six recently because when Young Jun returns to Hop Wei with Ah Sahm and Hong (Chen Tang), we see that the three of them are faced with a very angry looking Father Jun. 

Just as Chao had expected, Ah Sahm has not done right by pitting Father Jun and Young Jun, because now it is going to be extremely hard for the two of them to even begin trusting each other. The rife that Ah Sahm has brought between them, if used by Mai Ling in just the right way would serve as fatal for Hop Wei. This would only lead to a war within the tongs and a war is definitely not what Chao had wanted. 

Ah Sahm, however, had been certain that he was smarter and wouldn't be caught. So when he decided to push Young Jun to run things on his own, behind Father Jun's back he was certain that he would be able to help Young Jun make a name for himself with Father Jun. By doing so, he would help Young Jun push the influence of Compay of Six out of Hop Wei and later, when time comes, Ah Sahm can take the tong from Young Jun or even manipulate his friend to run the tong the way he deems fit. This will also become an opportunity for Ah Sahm to bring Mai Ling down, which happens to be his main plot. 

However, all of his plans may now be jeopardized since Father Jun seems to realize that something is amiss. Has he really found out in entirety what Ah Sahm and Young Jun had planned or will Ah Sahm have space to improvise and get himself and his friend out of trouble?

'Warrior' Season 2 episodes will be aired on Cinemax every Friday at 10 pm ET.