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‘Warrior’ Season 2 Episode 4 on Cinemax: Will Chao ever accept Claire and his illegitimate daughter Hannah?

In Episode 2 titled ‘The Chinese Connection’, he goes to meet a woman named Claire (Michelle Allen) and hands an envelope over to her
UPDATED OCT 24, 2020
Wang Chao (Cinemax)
Wang Chao (Cinemax)

Spoilers for ‘Warrior’ Season 2

As ‘Warrior’ gets more intense, Wang Chao (Hoon Lee) seems to have hatched a clever plot. A Black Market arms dealer, he works with both the Hop Wei and Long Zii and also has the San Francisco Police in the palm of his hand. Thanks to his connections, he is free to travel to all Tongs territories and serves as a middleman between them. After his introduction in the first season, the second season chalks out a little backstory and shows a glimpse of his love interest. 

In Episode 2 titled ‘The Chinese Connection’, he goes to meet a woman named Claire (Michelle Allen) and hands an envelope over to her. As she checks the money, he confesses, “It's light. Work has been a little hard,” and then comments, “New dress? Very nice. Expensive, huh?” Defending herself, Claire says, “Lady can't come up in the world if she doesn't have a proper dress.” Making things clear between the two, she says, “I haven't been entertaining if that's what you're wondering.”

Claire (Cinemax)

He then hands her over a little token and says, “You give her this.” Within a second, Claire calls out a name... “Hannah? Hannah...” A tiny munchkin wearing a red floral frock comes into view... Chao walks over to her and spins the top. With an endearing smile, Hannah says, “Thank you, Papa.” Surprise, surprise... Chao has a little daughter! But Chao insists, “Not Papa... Friend, just friend.”

He then warns Claire to never do that again and walks away. That scene tugs at hearts and makes one wonder: Will Chao ever accept his illegitimate daughter? A lot has passed since then and Chao seems to have a bigger plan in mind — one that could maintain the peace between all Tongs. Moreover, as the police prepare for retribution after Zing's (Dustin Nguyen) attack on Sergeant Bill O'Hara (Kieran Bew) and his family, Chao comes to him with a mutually beneficial proposal. But will it actually bring benefits to Bill, or just him?

Hannah (Cinemax)

In a conversation with Ah Toy that he has at the end of the fourth episode ‘If You Don't See Blood, You Didn't Come to Play’, he says, ​“I am about to do something incredibly stupid...” Now, we don't know what Chao's exact plan may be, but he already knows what he wants in return. 

​“In return, I'd ask one of you,” he tells her. Hardly surprised, she pokes fun at him but he clarifies, “It's not for me. It's something I should have done a long time ago...” At the end of the episode, Chao lurks in the dark shadows in a carriage. He spots Claire entertaining a client and as soon as the man goes away, she calls out for Hannah. 

Chao secretively watches the scene and goes away. He may not accept it, but he does have a soft-corner for Claire and his daughter. Why, otherwise, would he get the little one a toy and personally go to hand over the money? In the coming episodes, Chao may want to give his mistress and daughter a respectable life, and perhaps, that is why he is doing it all. 

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