'Warrior' Season 2 Episode 3 Review: Bill's huge mistake of crossing Fung Hai leads to bloody war at his home

'Warrior' Season 2 Episode 3 titled 'Not How We Do Business' is all about how the Tongs do business with each other and outsiders like Bill

                            'Warrior' Season 2 Episode 3 Review: Bill's huge mistake of crossing Fung Hai leads to bloody war at his home
Dustin Nguyen as Zing (Cinemax)

Spoilers ahead for 'Warriors' Season 2 Episode 3

'Not How We Do Business' is the title of 'Warrior' Season 2 Episode 3 and the main theme of this episode is how the Tongs depend on each other for business and also how they keep each other in line. The only man who is free to do business with all of them, and has no line of loyalty that holds him back to serve any one particular Tong. This is also the reason why Chao (Hoon Lee) is the most worried about a war breaking out between the Tongs as this will definitely affect his business. He will be forced to kneel to one particular Tong and that would lead to problems that Chao doesn't want to deal with.

On the other hand, there is the business that Hop Wei is conducting with Penny (Joanna Vanderham), the Mayor's wife who has now taken her father's business over. After Leary (Dean Jagger) came up with the idea of bombing factories that hire Chinese labor as a warning, Penny decides to use the Hop Wei to secure and guard her laborers on the way from and to her factory. Ah Sahm (Andrew Koji), who signs this deal with Penny has other intentions for the factory as he lost the storage space for the molasses that he had acquired from a different source. Company of Six is someone that Ah Sahm and Young Jun (Jason Tobin) are trying to push out of their dealings, but Young Jun is still worried about his father finding out. It has been drilled in Young Jun's head that the Tongs do business a certain way and what he and Ah Sahm have planned is not one of the ways. 

Despite seeing an increase in the profit with just one round of molasses from a different source, Ah Sahm is certain that Young Jun will make a name for himself in Hop Wei with his way instead of blindly following the ways set in stone by Father Jun (Perry Yung). However, it is not clear if Father Jun is unaware. After all, when a new group of fighters was brought in from China with the help of Company of Six, Young Jun tells Father Jun that he has disrespected him by not telling him about the decision and just springing it on him making him seem like nothing but a joke. 

That is when Young Jun asks Father Jun, wasn't it he who had said that the only one who could be trusted was Young Jun. To this he is told that "Trust goes both ways" and it is this that irks Young Jun. He wonders if his father has heard from Company of Six about how neither Young Jun nor Ah Sahm has placed a new order for molasses. This is quite possible as Father Jun would have had to talk to the Company of Six to ask their help about a few new fighters. Out of them, one fighter called Hong especially seems promising and if he is not a spy sent by the Company of Six, then he might very be a great addition to Ah Sahm's plan. This is proven especially when Hong decides to pick a fight with a group of men belonging to Fung Hai. 

A still of Lee and Bill in 'Warrior' season 2. (Cinemax)

If Hop Wei were to hear of this, they might very well consider this as Long Zii not sticking up to their terms as the Fung Hai Tong is aligned with Mai Ling and her tong at the moment. It is intriguing how one very small step can disturb the brittle balance that all the tongs hold and after having watched Fung Hai's head Zing (Dustin Nguyen) work, it is clear that he is not someone to mess with. Unfortunately, however, Bill, who was double-timing as a collector for the Fung Hai in return for paying his debt from gambling while also working as a cop ends up doing just that. After being insulted by a white woman whose husband owes Fung Hai $40 after gambling, Bill (Kieran Bew) decides that enough is enough and tells Zing that he is done working for the Fung Hai. 

Zing repeats that the men who work for him would only work for him and so we see Bill's home being invaded. It is silent and stealthy, and suddenly we see a man holding a knife to Bill's son Ethan's throat. If not for Lee's (Tom Weston-Jones) timely entrance, guns blazing and all, Bill might have lost his family. The fight turns bloody and it even makes Bill's wife a murderer. His son watches the entire ordeal and this will surely turn into a traumatic experience for all. However, this bloody war more than anything is an allusion that awaits the Tongs and all the connected players in the future. 

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