'Warrior' Season 2 Episode 2 will see Ah Sahm, Young Jun and Mai Ling create chaos in and outside Chinatown

'Warrior' Season 2 Episode 2 will see Ah Sahm, Young Jun and Mai Ling create chaos in and outside Chinatown
Andrew Koji and Jason Tobin (Cinemax)

Despite Chao's (Hoon Lee) warning, Ah Sahm (Andrew Koji) has decided to go out of Father Jun's Company of Six to acquire the molasses and cut the cost. He does this to attract more customers to Hop Wei instead of getting a cut taken from their business by Mai Ling's (Dianne Doan) Long Zii Tong. We last saw how Ah Sahm had approached Rosalita Vega (Maria Elena Laas) to get some source for a sale. However, from the promo of 'Warrior' Season 2 Episode 2, we see that this deal might very well go sideways. This reminds of the time when Young Jun (Jason Tobin) and Ah Sahm had gone on a trip in the first season with a coffin.

The action definitely strikes a nostalgic chord and we cannot wait to see how these friends will manage the situation that is going to get out of hand from the looks of it. While Ah Sahm is scheming on one hand, Mai Ling is racing to show some kind of opposition to all the talks of 'sending them Chinese back to where they belong'. It seems Mayor Blake (Christian McKay) has decided to be a hypocrite instead of waiting for his wife to see sense and fire the Chinese people she has hired to work in her father's steel factory. In fact, he gives a rousing speech to the people of San Francisco about how he is all in for sending the Chinese back. He also mentions how the reaction of people of San Francisco would be very different were they to learn the truth about what exactly happened in Chinatown. 

Of course, all of this is probably a consequence of Leary (Dean Jagger), the head of the Irish mob, bombing a building. Also, is Mai Ling's association with the mayor's assistant still on? We definitely see the bespectacled man ask for chaos and as if his order is their command, Mai Ling's lover in her Tong ends up striking. The chaos here could be a follow up of what Ah Sahm and Ah Toy (Olivia Cheng) had been doing all this in the shadow of the night. Mai Ling clearly wants to make a point and if not now, then when will she get the opportunity to flex her power in the face of the White folks who are racist and repugnant?


As all of this plays out, how will Ah Toy react to the chaos that seems to be playing all around her? Both Chao and Ah Toy are individuals who use all the Tongs in Chinatown to do their business. In fact, Ah Toy's house is even open for white folks, so it is important that the two of them stay diplomatic in the face of even the worst kind of prejudice and so far both of them have managed. However, what happens when Chao is pressurized by the cops? Say Lee who is so set on finding the sword killer? Will he out Ah Toy's secret to staying safe as he had warned her? A lot is happening at the moment, and we cannot wait to see how Ah Sahm's plan for revenge plays out.

'Warrior' Season 2 episodes will be aired on Cinemax every Friday at 10 pm ET.

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