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‘Warrior Nun’ Season 2 on Netflix: Cast, plot and latest buzz around the fantasy horror series

In 'Warrior Nun' Season 2, Ava is honing her power gained from the Halo in order to save the world from demons
Alba Baptista in a still from 'Warrior Nun' Season 2 (Netflix)
Alba Baptista in a still from 'Warrior Nun' Season 2 (Netflix)

We know that the global giant is a king when it comes to surprising fans with the best horror and fantasy series. So it was no surprise when ‘Warrior Nun’ was a huge hit when it was released in 2020. For the past two years, netizens have been waiting for the second season. But finally there is some exciting news — the wait is almost over since Netflix is bringing back the eerie and action-packed ‘Warrior Nun’ for another season.
In Season 1, the plot revealed the travails of 19-year-old Ava, a crippled orphan, who is brought back to life and regains the use of her limbs, thanks to a mysterious artifact called 'Halo' embedded in her back. In the upcoming Season 2, Ava is going to be seen honing her magical super powers in order to save the world from demons but without the Order of the Cruciform Sword (OCF). Before ‘Warrior Nun’ Season 2 releases in December 2022, audiences can also watch other compelling fantasy-horror series like ‘Hellbound’, ‘From’ and ‘Resident Evil’ for some supernatural gore and action.


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When is ‘Warrior Nun’ Season 2 releasing and where can you watch it?

The much awaited horror fantasy series ‘Warrior Nun’ Season 2 is releasing globally in December 2022. The exact release date of the series has not yet been revealed.

What is the plot of ‘Warrior Nun’ Season 2?

The teaser for ‘Warrior Nun’ Season 2 has successfully kept the intrigue and mystery around it intact and not revealed much. The plot of the series will focus more on how Ava (Alba Baptista) in this season will hone her powers gained from the Halo. She would be enhancing her fighting skills so that she can save the world from demons. But this time she is going to do this all alone and not with the sisters from the Order of the Cruciform Sword (OCF).

The official synopsis reads, “After waking up in a morgue, an orphaned teen discovers she now possesses superpowers as the chosen Halo Bearer for a secret sect of demon-hunting nuns."

Who stars in ‘Warrior Nun’ Season 2?

The following actors have been confirmed for the series.

Alba Baptista as Ava

The 24-years-old Portuguese star Alba Baptista started her career with a Portugal telenovela ‘Jardins Proibidos’. She has also given amazing performances in multiple Portuguese language telenovelas like ‘A Impostora’, ‘Filha da Lei’, ‘A Criação’ and ‘Jogo Duplo’. In 2020, Alba marked her English debut with hit Netflix horror series ‘Warrior Nun’. Alba is going to be seen reprising her role of Ava in ‘Warrior Nun’ Season 2.


The other actors in cast of ‘Warrior Nun’ Season 2 are Kristina Tonteri-Young, Lorena Andrea, Toya Turner, Olivia Delcán, Meena Rayann, Jack Mullarkey and Richard Clothier.

Latest news about ‘Warrior Nun’ Season 2

The fantasy horror series ‘Warrior Nun’ Season 2 is based on the comic book character Warrior Areala Nun by Ben Dunn. Not much is known about the plot for the new season, which has successfully raised curiosity of fans. The mystery and intrigue, thanks to season one's plot twist, will draw fans to how Ava deals with the new information she now has about the origins of the mysterious Halo artifact. So stay tuned. The ‘Warrior Nun’ Season 2 has been shot and filmed in many locations within Spain.

In an earlier interview with Refinery 29, dated July 2020, Alba Baptista opened up about what fans can expect in terms of storyline with emphasis on Adriel’s fascinating backstory which will be explored in Season 2. “The writers have it all thought out for an eventual season 2. I love Adriel’s character. I think he’s so dense and he has a lot of layers to his story, which we will discover further on”.

Also spilling details on how the second season might be a much wilder ride, Alba said, “There’s going to be a big, big reveal for an eventual season 2. It was well thought-out. It wasn’t just an accident. It’s another plot twist for the spectators to guess on for another year. They’ll have to wait for another season."

In an interview with Inverse dated July 2020, director Simon Barry revealed he had had several ideas on how to take the story forward. He said, “I definitely have thoughts. When we were finishing Season 1, we had many more avenues to go down story-wise. So we created a folder thinking, hey, if we're lucky enough to get Season 2, here are some things we could draw from. After seeing the show completed, we regrouped just to talk about ideas”.

Also opening up on the ideal number of seasons he thinks would be apt for the story of 'Warrior Nun', Simon Barry said, “Well, I wouldn't say it's a hard number. These things tend to reveal themselves when the story starts to feel like it's building to a crescendo. You do want to find a point where you can wrap. With Warrior Nun, I would give it a window because we're still so early in the process of developing it. Anything between five and seven seasons would be lovely”.

In an interview with dated July 2020, when Netflix had not yet greenlit a Season 2, Simon had shared, “We had ideas out of the first season writing room that we thought would be interesting for a second season if we were lucky enough to get one. So yeah, we definitely encourage Netflix to pursue that”.

In another interview with dated July 2020, Simon had explained, “Well, I guess we were holding back so many secrets in a way in season one. The fact that we now have the cat is out of the bag, so to speak, in terms of the mythology of the show. I think it'll be really exciting to take that journey and unpack what we've revealed”.


‘Warrior Nun’ Season 2 has been created and directed by Simon Barry. It is based on the comic book manga character Warrior Areala Nun that had been created by Ben Dunn. The series has been produced by Zack Tucker Gangnes, Peter Welter Soler, Matt Bosack and Todd Giroux. The series has been backed by production company Reality Distortion Field.


The trailer has not been released yet but the teaser of the series has been dropped by the makers. You can watch it here.