'Warrior Nun' Season 1: Slow pace and great characters bring out mixed, somewhat confused reviews from fans

Some fans criticize the show for its lack of action in the opening episodes, while others love the series for its performances

                            'Warrior Nun' Season 1: Slow pace and great characters bring out mixed, somewhat confused reviews from fans

Spoilers for 'Warrior Nun' Season 1

'Warrior Nun' has just released its first season, and though many fans are intrigued by the title, reviews are mixed. Opinions seem to be polarizing, as those who love it highly recommend it, but those disliking it are being pretty harsh in their criticism.

One viewer was left with a sour impression as he wrote, "First episode was crap, but most pilots are. Three episodes in it's ok, not great, not even good. Some of the acting is late night 90's TV movie bad. Will give it a couple more episodes, but unless they kill two thirds at least of the cast I can't see it improving." A Twitter user writes, "Never seen anything as **ite as #WarriorNun and I'm into buffy, angel and this style. But my god, this is crap!"  One fan worries if they're the problem — "Now watching #WarriorNun on #Netflix and I’m bored by the teenage angst and romantic angle. Am I old?!?" Old or not, they're not alone, as one Reddit user writes, "Hurry up and let the order find her because this sideline story is kind of getting old. This not suppose be a Teen love drama."

However, the writing and the character work is part of what makes some truly love the show. One Twitter user writes, "Okay, this dialogue is perfection. Alba Baptista, I already love her. Also, this is sooo me about life experiences If anything watch the pilot & see how entertaining this is, it's so worth it. It's light & enjoyable with great comedic moments & a great ensemble." Another fan also praises the show's lead, Alba Baptista, who plays Ava Silver. "Whoever cast that lady Alba Baptista in the @netflix 'warrior nun' is a born talent hunter! She's a born legend!!!! Her acting so perfect in my critic amateur opinion!!" This fan knows just how much they love the series from the very beginning, writing, "I'm about 30 minutes into #WarriorNun on @NetflixUK and I now need to know where to petition for a second season. I love this already." 

Some fans urge viewers to stick with the show, despite its slower-paced opening, writing, "It slowly grows on you as you watch the remaining episodes." Overall, while the internet seems divided on how good the series is, those who do appreciate it cannot recomment it highly enough. "In the middle of watching #WarriorNun and I had to pause to tell everyone how beautiful and badass these ladies are," says this fan — the show appears to be a hit with its target audience.

All episodes of 'Warrior Nun' Season 1 are now available to stream on Netflix.

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