'Warrior' episode 3 will see Ah Sahm try to break out while Penelope seeks revenge

'Warrior' episode 3 will see Ah Sahm try to break out while Penelope seeks revenge

Cinemax's 'Warrior' left us on a cliffhanger in Episode 2 as we saw Penelope Blake (Joanna Vanderham) and Ah Sahm (Andrew Koji) exchange an amiable conversation where he tells her about his ancestors and how he began to speak English in the first place. As Penelope- the trapped young wife of the Mayor- promised Ah Sahm that she should return his favor of rescuing her from Irish thugs, Ah Sahm did not seem very hopeful about the idea. On the other hand, the men of the Hip Sing Tong decide to let Ah Sahm rot in jail since they did not know much about him anyway but it seems Young Jun (Jason Tobin) is not ready to let his friend fade away just yet. 

While it can be expected that a huge part of Episode 3, titled, 'John Chinaman', will see Ah Sahm's efforts to free himself from prison, here are the top three things that you can expect to happen in the upcoming episode:


1. Ah Sahm's prison break

Quite expectedly, it seems Penelope's attempt to persuade her husband to release Ah Sahm failed and the warrior once again has to take things in his own hands. In a brief clip in the trailer for Episode 3, we see a policeman opening the prison door and a voice in the background claims that Ah Sahm has been charged with double homicide. Immediately after that, we see the warrior throw some smooth kicks and clean punches at the prison guards who have come to take him. However, we don't see Jun anywhere but chances are he will perhaps break in right on time to rescue his friend. 

Ah Sahm might have to break his way out of the prison. (IMDb)

2. Penelope's bittersweet revenge

Penelope Blake has been leading a miserable life with a husband who is twice her age and in spite of being the wife of the Mayor, she does not seem to have much control over the people of the town. However, that certainly does not mean Penelope will do absolutely nothing when it comes to taking her place in society. In a scene in the teaser trailer, we see her pouring rat poison in the tea, instead of sugar and as she does that the Mayor figure hovers in the background indicating Penelope's intention to perhaps poison the mayor himself. We once again hear a voice say in the background, "That bastard just made a fool out of you. What are you going to do about that?" It is unclear if the voice is referring to Penelope who trusted that Ah Sahm is not associated with any Tongs. 


Penelope might just embrace her ruthless self in Episode 3. (IMDb)

3. A Revolution in the Brothel

Towards the end of Episode 2 we had seen Ah Toy (Olivia Cheng) mercilessly slash a man open from top to bottom and it was not quite clear who that man actually was. Although it seemed that the man was an Irish officer, Ah Toy's intention behind carrying out the murder continues to remain a mystery. A huge portion of the teaser trailer takes place in her brothel and we hear her saying with a smirk that every true revolution begins inside a brothel. Can this be a reference to the real Ah Toy's life who is known for her manipulative skills which often kept the Tong Lords under her control? 

Ah Toy might be up to something in Episode 3. (IMDb)

There are too many questions for Episode 3, and they will all be answered once the show returns to Cinemax on April 20. 

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