Three things to expect from 'Warrior' episode 2, 'There is no China in the Bible'

Three things to expect from 'Warrior' episode 2, 'There is no China in the Bible'

Cinemax's 'Warrior' is already being appreciated for its take on the lesser known history of Chinese immigrants in the United States, right at the time when the US was building itself from scratch.

Just like other migrating communities, the Chinese were also subjected to immense discrimination, and in some cases were also targeted by other immigrant groups such as the Irish. Coming from creator Jonathan Tropper, 'Warrior' is a unique tale about struggle, fearless ambitions, and dirty jobs, all done by a community from a country which is currently dominating the economic world.

Episode 2, titled 'There is no China in the Bible', begins with a brawl between Ah Sahm (Andrew Koji) and two Irish men who try to put the blame of an assault on him. Being a member of the Tongs, Ah Sahm is immediately accused of something he has not done, and it is told to him that the Chinese have no place in the land of whites.

With the episode set to air on Saturday, here are the top three things that you might want to look out for:

Ah Sahm faces discrimination at the hands of the Irish. (IMDb)


1. 'There's No China in the Bible'

The episode echoes the saying that "there is no China in the Bible", and begins with Ah Sahm being pinned down to the ground by two Irishmen who were clearly approaching the Mayor's wife, Penelope Blake, with the intention of robbing her.

The scene sets the stage for the rest of the proceedings on the show. As tensions mount for both the Americans and the immigrants, the show subtly indicates the ignorance of the people who have proudly declared themselves to belong to a particular community. The episode is a light yet firm slap for those who claim to understand their religion but really don't. 


The whites declare that the Chinese have no place on their lands. (IMDb)


2. The Cry of the Miners

'Warrior' is already being celebrated for its unique perspective on the miners who have been suppressed by their white oppressors.

However, unlike the previous episode which highlighted the violence that the Tongs are capable of, this episode showcases their vulnerabilities. In several scenes there are subtle hints, through either dialogues or interpretations, that suggest that although the Chinese immigrants had immense dominance over trade, they were after all working not with but under the whites.

While the Tongs ruled over its own community, the hierarchy was pretty evident by the ongoing master-servant relation between them and the whites, in this case, represented by the Mayor. 


3. Star-crossed Story



When there is struggle, there has to be love, and this very outlook toward romance once again takes a Romeo-Juliet shape when it comes to 'Warrior'.

An unlikely affair is about to begin between two characters who belong to extremely separate races but it is perhaps too early to consider that just yet. There certainly is a tender attraction between the two, and over the course of the episode their attraction seemingly takes a key position in the plot. Although they speak a similar language, somehow one of them chooses to keep it away from the other and simply lets the other speak while the characters only listen. This not only puts their relationship into doubt, but also indicates turmoil in upcoming episodes. 


'Warrior' Episode 2 is set to premiere on Cinemax on April 13.

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