'Warrior': A lover, an Irish leader, and a man of resources, 3 unsung heroes you need to look out for in Cinemax's series

'Warrior': A lover, an Irish leader, and a man of resources, 3 unsung heroes you need to look out for in Cinemax's series

Cinemax's 'Warrior' is set to follow the plight of Chinese immigrants in an unruly 20th century Chinatown; a time when San Fransisco, along with other cities in America, was smeared with blood by the Tong Wars. Coming from creator Jonathan Tropper and directed by Justin Lin, the show is based on the actual script written by Bruce Lee which was rejected back in the 1970s due to its demand for an Asian lead.

However, now that Lee's daughter, Shannon Lee, has taken up the initiative to bring her father's work back to life, 'Warrior' will see an ensemble of Asian cast, making the show one of its kind. Starring Andrew Koji (Ah Sahm), Olivia Cheng (Ah Toy), Dianne Doan (Mai Ling), and Jason Tobin (Young Jun), the story will follow a martial arts warrior, Ah Sahm, who arrives in San Fransisco in search of someone he lost a very long time ago.

His search puts him at the center of the Tong Wars as he finds himself amid the clashes of two rival Tongs - the Hip Sings and the On Leongs. Moreover, he also faces immense discrimination from the Irish immigrants who perceive the Chinese as a threat to their trade. Apart from the above-mentioned characters, there are several other characters in the show who play an equally significant role, and here are the top three unsung heroes that you might want to look out for in 'Warrior.'

'Warrior' follows Andrew Koji's Ah Sahm as he arrives in a war-torn Chinatown. (IMDb)

1. Dylan Leary (played by Dean Jagger)

The Chinese immigrants were exceptionally good when it came to trade and warfare, two of the many stepping stones that have contributed in establishing America as a nation. This meant that the Chinese lords of the Tongs were able to deal in easy trades with their white counterparts, and that was reason enough for the Irish immigrants to completely turn against the Chinese.

Leary, an Irish fighter, who speaks less and does more, not only expresses his anguish towards the Chinese but utilizes his sly intelligence to get back at them. As a leader of the Irish immigrants, he believes his men are dying without food because the Chinese have taken their jobs. Let's just say, to put an end to it all, Leary has a plan, and it is not what you think it is!

2. Li Yong (played by Joe Taslim)

Every story has that one character who is perhaps good but has to act the evil one because that is what is demanded of him. Almost something similar happens with Yong who is a member of the On Leong Tong. A young warrior, like Ah Sahm, Yong is not a man of trade or gambling, and he barely ever visits the brothels unlike the other men.

However, there is someone Yong cares about and that is the reason he stands up against Ah Sahm although the two men do not perceive each other as enemies. Yong is merely threatened by Ah Sahm, and although he is a better fighter than Sahm, he is constantly worried about his presence among the Tongs. So, who is that common link between the two men?

3. Wang Chao (played by Hoon Lee)

Every gang has a dealer, and more than often, that dealer is an obscure one with no backstory. Fortunately, that is not the case with Wang Chao. This man is a lot more than he appears to be. With the appearance of a decent, well-bred man, Chao has the capability of switching between languages whenever needed.

In fact, there are times when the man even chooses which accent to speak in solely to impress the other person he is speaking to. This proves that Chao has chosen to remain in America, a land which at that time was being flooded with numerous cultures pouring in. However, Chao has a secret life of his own and as much as everyone perceives him to be a man of resources, Chao knows what it takes to gather those resources.

Chao has time and again proven himself as a man of resources. (IMDb)

'Warrior' episode 1 premieres on Cinemax April 5, and will air Saturdays. Watch the trailer below:

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