'War of the Worlds' Season 3 Episode 1 Review: EPIX series off to tense and gritty start

'War of the Worlds' Season 3 Episode 1 Review: EPIX series off to tense and gritty start
Gabriel Byrne in a still from 'War of the Worlds' Season 3 (EPIX)

Contains spoilers for 'War of the Worlds' Season 3 Episode 1

'War of the Worlds' Season 2 is a must-watch before even considering watching 'War of the Worlds' Season 3. While the hit EPIX series provides a comprehensive recap of the previous installment, the element of time travel and the possibility of a terrifying phenomenon forms the storyline for the Howard Overman-created sci-fil thriller.

Set after the events of Season 2 that sees the death of Emily Grisham (Daisy Edgar-Jones) at the hands of Bill Ward (Gabriel Byrne) — a move that he pays for by being locked up. Meanwhile, people on earth suffer from hallucinations while Catherine Durand (Lea Druker) detects the presence of a black hole that's massive although it looks relatively minuscule to the naked eye. The hallucinations are linked to the activities of the black hole and although there is no logical explanation Durand comes up with to the government, her hunch gives the powers that be an inkling of what to expect.


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Investigating the tattooed people is MI5 agent Zoe and her conversation with Bill who narrates the events of the past drives her on the edge. The humans from the future add to the mystery and the season opener also kills off some major characters to provide the hint of the impending gloom not ceasing anytime soon. It all seems disconnected in the beginning, but as the episode draws to a close, the connections are vague but shows there's a gripping story to be told.

'War of the Worlds' is still the show it was in Season 1. Like its predecessors, the new season is focused. cleverly made and is thoroughly full of suspense. For those who hoped for flying saucers,  'Independence Day'-ish scrimmages, emotional and adrenaline-pumping speeches, the slick series makes sure it's past all the man vs aliens plotline. The return of the promising cast adds to the thriller not skipping a beat.

'War of the Worlds' airs on EPIX.

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