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'War of the Worlds' Episode 7 Review: Bill loses everything and Sophia finds something to live for

With Catherine's theory, humans are now one step closer to fighting off the alien invaders
Gabriel Byrne (EPIX)
Gabriel Byrne (EPIX)

Spoilers for 'War of the Worlds' Season 1 Episode 7

'War of the Worlds' on EPIX is slowly reaching the end of its first season and there have been some major moments in the penultimate story's Episode 7. Some of them are good, some bad, but all of them will change the way our favorite characters function in the stories to come.

For starters, we discovered in the last episode that Sophia Durand (Emilie de Preissac) is still alive. In Episode 7, we find out how she survived the initial attack by hiding in a tunnel and then ran into a young English boy named Theo (Oliver Zetterström).

Keeping Theo safe gave Sophia the strength she needed to survive and it also gives her character some depth that we most certainly appreciate. The duo also runs into a group of survivors before making their way to where Sophia's sister, Catherine Durand (Léa Drucker) is holed up with Colonel Mustafa Mokrani (Adel Bencherif) and his soldiers.

The colonel wants to help the survivors but with some of his soldiers deserting and supplies running low, Catherine doesn't know how they can stage a rescue. With a bit of encouragement from Sophia, Catherine finally makes a move and ends up sleeping with the colonel, which turns out to be just what she needed to help her achieve a breakthrough in her studies of the aliens' signals. 

Catherine hypothesizes that the aliens may be like birds, with the signals connecting them to their ships at a quantum level and allowing them to navigate. If this theory is correct, disrupting the signal might be all the survivors need to do to beat back the invasion.

Meanwhile, in England, Bill Ward (Gabriel Byrne) is still trying to understand the aliens and tries questioning Emily Gresham (Daisy Edgar-Jones) about her abilities but that doesn't really work out. We do get to see a nice interaction between Bill and Tom Gresham (Ty Tennant) and later on, Bill's ex-wife Helen Brown (Elizabeth McGovern) finally discovers that Bill left Chris (Colin Mace) to die and angrily storms off.

We were hoping Bill would get a chance to mend things with Helen but unfortunately, the aliens interfere. Helen is killed by one of the cyborgs despite Emily's best efforts to stop it but not before giving Emily a strange vision of being in bed with Sacha Dumont (Mathieu Torloting).

Sacha is acting increasingly strange and has a fight with Jonathan Gresham (Stephen Campbell Moore), over a photograph of Jonathan's family that Sacha stole. The fight ends with Sacha running away, leaving Jonathan and Sacha's mom Chloe Dumont (Stéphane Caillard) to chase after him. 

The episode was a relatively slow one but with interesting character moments and the death of a major character like Helen, it's still an important story. And with Catherine's theory, the humans are now one step closer to fighting off the alien invaders.

'War of The Worlds' airs Sundays at 9 pm ET in the US, exclusively on EPIX.