'War of the Worlds' Episode 6 Review: Humanity and Helen are in focus as the season inches towards an end

'War of the Worlds' Episode 6 Review: Humanity and Helen are in focus as the season inches towards an end
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Spoilers for 'War of the Worlds' Episode 6

Funnily enough, the viewership for shows with themes related to pandemics, viruses, and post-apocalypse has shot up since the coronavirus outbreak. And this episode of 'War of the Worlds', in particular, offers a moral takeaway, humanity must not let go of the things that make them human.

With two episodes to go before the season finale, Episode 6 brings Helen (Elizabeth McGovern) who has had a rather quiet journey for far in the series, into the spotlight.

Starting off with the survivors in London, Bill Ward (Gabriel Byrne) and Co. make a dash to stay at the University while Catherina and Colonel Mustafa explore the charred remains of the alien spaceship. They find the creatures' metallic bodies infused with flesh and attempt to study them further. It is here that Mustafa also reveals a more human side of him.

He doesn't approve of the creatures being ill-treated. "I'm okay killing them," he says. But not pick on them especially when they're weak. "Would we not have done what they would have done to us if it was the other way round" is his question. 

Jonathon Gresham and Chloe Dumont (Stephen Campbell Moore and Stéphane Caillard) have their own storyline with Sacha (Mathieu Torloting) who also experiences the same changes Emily does, whenever he comes in contact with one of the creatures. The teen, however also has this dark side that only Jonathon has a mild clue about. 

Back to Helen, there's a storyline where she just about makes up with Bill for their differences and also convinces Sarah (Natasha Little) to take a risk and head out to surprise Tom (Ty Tennant) for his birthday. They manage to pick up supplies but run into trouble when they see one of the creatures ready to kill a pregnant woman. Helen and Sarah attempt a daring rescue, however, it still costs the woman her life. The celebration though lifts everyone's spirits and they have Helen to thank for it. 

While they reconcile, The Cinematic Orchestra's 'There is  House Built out of Stone' plays, that just complements the scene that sees just every character reconcile and they owe it all to one woman. All this also hints at a major character arc for Helen, who, after being reluctant towards her estranged husband Bill throughout the series, finally shows signs of getting back. Some important breakthroughs from Bill are also highlighted. For instance, he realizes the creatures were scanning human DNA. Again, why is an explanation tabled for later. 

For now, Episode 6 is something like the calm before the storm and the series gets unpredictable with each episode. With just two more chapters left before the series concludes with a 99% probability of a cliffhanger (since the series has a Season 2 in the works), there's a lot that still needs to be explained. For those who have religiously caught up with the five episodes, this one's worth the tune-in. 

'War of the Worlds' airs Sundays 9 pm ET on Epix.

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